Why do we put our names down for these sites?

Do we all do it? Sign onto sites to receive a squizillion emails of special offers on a daily basis? ‘Stuff’ that we would never contemplate buying at any other time…

Below is one example I received

Shape your bust to perfection with seamless padded La Bra 

Ah yes the most anticipated product of all time.

For those who

  • have had children and breast fed (heaven help us for doing something that we felt was right) and find their boobs going south never to return north.
  • for those that are small breasted.
  • for those that are large breasted.
  • for those who have odd shaped boobies.

So yes ladies (or gentlemen with man boobs) here is your answer it seems, the La Bra the wonder Bra, the

  • Union Under-Flannel
    • Well-Being
  • Breast Supporter

Call it what you will this is your answer to the  “Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders” wear them and stand proud! They will shape your mammaries to perfection, no more will you have to hide under bulky jumpers, or caftans. No more will you feel like the odd one out next to all those women with the perfect shape. (We aren’t talking the Madonna Bra folks) for this is seamless- whoot – whoot!

Seriously, half of the emails I receive – I delete.

No I don’t want 24 bottles of wine for the price of 12 (ok I fib maybe I do want that one).

I don’t want the Bra of all Bras.

I don’t want the two for one offer of canvas prints.

One day … yes I live in hope, something will pop up on my emails that is actually worth buying!

Yours in fed-up-ness