I got nuttin’

an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting

That’s the challenge definition and the word to use is Alchemy. This is for Trifecta Week 72.

For the life of me I cannot think, I have attempted 5 times, I have walked up and down the length of my house, rubbed fingers on knotted brow, I have gazed to the ceiling and the barren walls, splashed my face with water, had a straight scotch, stood outside in the cold night air.

I am perplexed, bamboozled terrified – writers block has hit fiercely, nothing that enters my pea brain at the moment makes any sense.  No words of wisdom…pace..no deep and meangingful pearls…pace…nothing that strikes me…no story…. no prose not even a Haiku…. hang on a minute!  Don’t move…. here it comes…my freeze has been defrozen …no actually defrosted…


I started off as an egg
then into lava I did grow
then I was a pupa
my morph to butterfly was slow

nope,  that’s not working either, can’t get the word alchemy into it.

what about?

you started off as Clark Kent
then into phone booth you did went  (I’m a writer I have a license to write this stuff)
the alchemy transmute was grand
for you emerged as Superman

ok it’s not working for me, so clearly it won’t be working for you either.

Well,  I’m sorry my fellow Trifectians and readers, I have nada, zilch, or as us Aussie would politely say ‘bugger all’.

Alas I do not hold the power of alchemy, mystical or otherwise to transform
what I have written into something, profound, beautiful, containing imagery, be thought provoking or otherwise.

If you do read, please don’t let it spoil your activities, you may now get on with your day.

For the wonderful ever so popular and inspiring TRIFECTA http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/


maybe next prompt I’ll have my ‘zing’ back