Merry Christmas to you and to all Goodnight

Best singing voices everyone – to be sung to Away in A Manger…but not the words in brackets..

Christmas in Australia (Down Under)

is just round the bend (tee hee tomorrow)

I have prepped and stressed out  (no I haven’t this year it’s at Sister -in-laws)

and now hope this will end


We shall have our nibbilies

when they first walk in the door (no her door)

then we’ll offer them a drink 

one or two or maybe more


We shall sit at the table and crack

our bon-bons plastic toys and

paper hats and will look

like proper nongs ( Aussie for idiot)


I’ll stress ’bout the turkey and also the pork (not this year)

is it cooked properly through

is it done right? Yes I query

please test with your fork


I’ll consume too much alcohol (a given)

I know this to be true

and I’ll get all melancholy

just gazing at you (bleary eyed)


the entree will come first

do not know what they’ll bring (I’m bringing 3kgs of prawns with home made Sate sauce & lots of garlic)

I’m sure it’ll be delightful

and we’ll gladly tuck in


the spuds will be crunchy

the pumpkin cooked just right

the mushy peas and salads

tasty morsels every bite


Then we have our pudding

lashings of custard if you please

then there’s trifle laced with alcohol ( a given again)

oh our belts will surely squeeze


The wine will flow freely

the laughs will get loud

there’ll be memories of

past years and how we imbibed


The presents will we open we

will goo and we will will gaa

we shall say oh you shouldn’t have (eyes rolling)

you really went too far


BUT secretly we are happy

for the presents that they gave

we’re delighted and thankful

and ‘each one’ is our fave


The Carols will be playing

in the background soft and sweet

we shall eat drink and be merry

and later fall asleep (some quicker than others)


Yes,  this day is for families

and ones that you love

if I start to get teary

I will blame the egg-nog (have to blame something)


The festivities will be finished

the kitchen is a mess (well hers will be)

the dishes piled up high

but at least no more stress


Then Christmas day is over and

our tummies will be full and we

daren’t go and weigh ourselves

no that would be cruel


So enjoy your celebrations

whatever you may do have

and cry or laugh hysterically

for you’re entitled too 

©jmtacken 2013

I cheated – this is what I wrote last’s a bit…hmmm…unless of course you sang (okay it’s still hmmm) and I added a few bits as I am not holding Christmas this year (PHEW) but as I have another Service to write ~ well I’m taking the easy way out.

Seriously though ~ how do I thank you? All of you, for your kind words, your critique, your encouragement, your care, your support. I have been on WP since July last year, last December I had posted 69 posts..up to this one 712… yes ~ that is why I called my site Ramblings.

Again seriously, this Mums from ‘Down Under’ is grateful that I have met you and developed friendships. We lost another fellow WP in October and she will be sorely missed. I will miss her, those who knew her will miss her.  Everyone (no matter how corny or trite you may think this sounds) is part of a family on here. We share, we cry, we give, we take, we laugh, encourage, we are humble, we boast…sounds like a family to me.

So from me to you all, I wish each and every one of you a beautiful Christmas. Mine of course is tomorrow, so I shall have a full stomach before you even start on yours. Ours will be in 31 deg heat…yours…hmm not so much.

May you all continue to write, continue to support each other and be there for one another ~ the good – the bad and the ugly. 

and like ‘Arnie’…. “I’ll be back”

Love ya’ faces



Take Care everyone, stay safe and may your Christmas Day be filled with wonderment, joy and mostly love.

The Dragon Loyalty Award

This morning I awoke to an Award “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award” – which made me giggle at first as this is what (politely of course) my nick-name was from my ex. 🙂

This Award was bestowed to me from Annetbell from In gratitude for nominating me, I list the Award ‘giver’ and also their nominees.

So thank you very much Annet, I hope that this post and my thank you will suffice, in place of accepting .  Annetbell’s post on this Award can be found >

So thank you again and to my readers if you haven’t popped in to any of the above, nows your chance 🙂

Time to say thank you on my 547th post

Who would have thought?

Certainly not I (well I fib I had a rough idea) but though I waited patiently in my lounge room at the front of the house for WordPress to arrive, they didn’t, insert 😦

They did not burst through my front door with bottles of Dom Perignon, smiley faces 🙂 and helium balloons fastened to a congratulatory card filled with all those signatures and cute remarks from all that work there  (hello by the way if you are reading – doing a fab job).

So I retreated from the lounge, head hung low,  walked passed the loo on the right, through my kitchen, stopping at the fridge for a slice of ham and drink, down three steps into the family room (rumpus), opened the sliding door, turned right, then right again to come into the study where I work type incessantly.

So pretty much a year (according to the stats page) July 2012 is when I began my blogolife, the first day 21 viewers “Hello Hello are you still watching”?  Don’t fret if you’re not. We all follow, un-follow, enjoy immensely one month and get tired of the month after. It’s a fact of life, I bear no grudges. (Insert humour here please)

Today as I haven’t thanked you all for some time, I thought it the perfect opportunity to do so.

Thank You to my 455  456 WP followers to my 84 FB followers (whoever you are) and not forgetting my 5 Twitter followers.  Thank You to the 23,370 people who have knocked on my front door….unlike WP (oh well as the saying goes beggars can’t be choosers).

Thank You for keeping me sane, driving me to write, to discover more about myself and to show me what I am capable of.

Thank You for being there when I wanted to rant and rave and gave me support, kindness, encouragement and your wisdom.

Thank You for reading my short stories, my poetry, my prose and yes my ramblings.

If you know me – I don’t write these Thank You posts for reasons of what we would call here to (suck-up) in order to have the like button pushed a gazillion times more.  I say Thank You because I firmly believe that if it wasn’t for the support and following of you all, there would be no need for me even having a blogolife. I say Thank You now as I have done since I started with WordPress and ….I shall continue for as long as I blog.

Thank You for giving me the opportunity to meet you, to come into your lives whether on here or by email, to get to know you and to develop some wonderful friendships.


and who knows it’s only 8:56pm Thursday night, maybe their plane has just been delayed.


LUV YA’ FACES AND YOUR HEARTS…..Mumsy, Rambly, Mums, RM, Mumz, Jen and any other name I am known by.


PS Thank you to Cyril who followed just after pushing publish 🙂

Tonight it’s mumsy the rambler not mumsy the poet

Please don’t all breathe a sigh of relief.  Okay you can if you want too. I haven’t rambled for a while so I thought before I get stuck into writing prose (continuing probably into the wee small hours of the morning – as yes I am no longer in the work force) I thought I would just ramble.

Those who wish to delete, watch TV or totter off to the kitchen to make a tuna sandwich feel free for here is your window of opportunity before you get enamoured with my babbling.

So what do I have to tell you (what’s more what would you be interested in)?

Last weekend I attended the Funeral Celebrant Course (Sat and Sun).

Oh my viewers it is a tad more involved than what I first thought. Nonetheless I apparently now have the Certificate verifying that I did the training and I am a Funeral Celebrant (I can see you all lining up..well possibly not) besides it may get a bit expensive with overseas commutes though… kidding I won’t charge that much.

I won’t bore you with all the details as I know how long posts can put you to sleep. I have a couple of assignments to do, which I started this afternoon. Then well, it’s in my court – to get business cards made and go and promote myself.  Feel free to ask any questions (if you can think of any) and I shall answer them (if I can think of the answers).

As I said I’m no longer am in the work force – scary, daunting, watching pennies, trying to perhaps get something part-time until I get my self established.

What else?

Hmm this morning I had the absolute delightful pleasure of meeting face to face a real blogger from WordPress. I know gasp horror, hard to believe that the people we converse with on a daily basis are actually living and breathing human beings.  This lovely lady is from  Sarah Ann Hall and her equally delightful hubby (we shall just call him Mr X).  Please visit her if you aren’t already – she is a very talented young writer.

They are over here visiting relatives and as Sarah and I got to chat a little I suggested meeting up for a coffee.  They are younger (sigh) than I, but that did not halt the conversation, though I think I possibly bored the pants off Mr. X , as when I am comfortable with people (yes even on a first meeting) I babble like a baboon. They now have my entire life history whether they wanted it or not. So when you get back home again Sarah and get back on WP – I thank you for the lovely time we had and it was special meeting with you both and I once again apologise for chattering so.

The other part of my day was opening my emails to see a blog about….can you guess…yes ME!!!  So utterly unexpected (the cheque’s in the mail BH) and so thoughtful from the delightful Scottish lad as I call him Shaun.

His blog and post on moi if I may be so bold is below. Please go visit him if you don’t already, regardless of me being mentioned.

He pulled from the archives 3 pieces I had written that he had enjoyed and it made me smile to read them again. So I would like to publicly thank Shaun for doing this for me, an unselfish and quite an ‘oh my’ moment. 🙂

So that is my rambling, hopefully you haven’t nodded off – I thank you so much for reading.


K – daughter #2 is still on top of the leader board for the Liptember Women’s Mental Health Campaign. I wish to thank those who have already donated to this worthy cause.

Please forgive me, but I shall post the links on each posts for those that would still like to contribute.

Liptember Foundation
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB: 062 000
Acc no: 1390 1111

We’re thrilled to have you on board and very impressed with your position on the leader board so early 😉

If your sponsors donate directly to the charity from overseas please use the details above , they can make a direct donation via bank deposit and notify us by email so we can issue them a receipt. We would then credit these donations to your profile.

Give me a shout out if you have supported her so she can write a few words to you.






I am a little over whelmed with Awards of late (blushes). This delightful one was bestowed by Shaun (he is a very naughty laddy ) for he has presented me with two in the last few days. I am partially accepting this, in as much as I won’t answer the questions about myself (because I think you know me pretty much by now) or list my nominees (for the truth be known I feel terrible having to single people out).


1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.     Here is his Award giving post

So to completely mess with the ‘rules’ (as I do) I am putting his comments (7 things about himself) and his other nominees in gratitude for wishing to share this Award with me. Thank you Brave Heart 🙂

Seven things about Shaun:

1. I am about to start watching Continuum the TV Show. My Partner says I will love it, it has time travel in it :-)

2. I had a Calzone last night for tea, my GOD it was Amazing!!!

3. I am at present Listening to “Oasis Live in Manchester” the song is Wonderwall

4. It is raining here, it has been cloudy all day, so not unexpected. If it doesn’t rain here, we worry why!

5. I have had several people follow me in the last few weeks who are AMAZING friends and brilliant people.

6. I have so many good friends on Word Press, you are all an extension to my online family

7. It is nearly 5pm as I write this.

He now nominates 14 people: 


















Am I being naughty for accepting this Award and partially accepting others – yes I AM (guilty as charged).
Shall I be chastised because of it – I HOPE NOT.

Do I feel truly honoured for receiving it – Yes I DO!


Awarding the people who live in the moment,
The noble who write and capture the best in life,
The bold who reminded us what really mattered –
Savoring the experience of quality time.

This Award was bestowed upon me from   Face at the window

You can see her post here at

Her other nominees are: (I left mine in as she seems to know me well, me hearties’) (because she writes about stuff that matters) (because she is brave and would make an excellent pirate)

ME   (because I suspect she knows how to make pirate grog) (because she has a soft heart with pirate-y edges)  (that girl is all pirate)

Rules of the Moment Matters Award

1. Repost the award and award description
2. Give an acceptance speech
3. Pass the award on, and notify the nominees.

Acceptance Speech
“Is this microphone on”
“Oops sorry it is”.
“Good evening ladies and gentlemen and members of the foreign press. I stand here before you with a really sore toe, humbled that Face has nominated me for the The Best Moment Award. At this juncture I am a little lost at what particular moment I have actually received this honour for. Is the time when I felt really sorry for myself when I was out of work and lost a girlfriend and moaned to the blogging world? Is it for the ode that I wrote about my dog that was put to sleep 6 years ago? Is it perhaps my Haiku or free verse?

It may be for my entries into so many challenge sites that I lost count of what I did for whom. Is it because I write of my Pop and mum and share with you all,  the love I have for them? I could go on and on and I realise that you are all getting rather fidgety at this point and want to head to the after party bar for refreshments, so I shall wind up as the man in front is waving his arm madly in a circular motion at me.”

“I would like to sincerely thank Face or as I call her ‘Ace’ for thinking enough about me to put me in her list of other fine nominees. She is simply a gorgeous human being who I have grown to have an affinity with and for that I thank her for being who she is.

“I do hope you all check her site out and enjoy what she writes as much as I do”.

“My nominees are the following, drum roll please. What we don’t have drums? Ok without drums then..sheesh!”

“I am nominating 3 people whom I haven’t nominated before (I don’t think) is there a rule where you have to walk the plank if you forget who you have nominated previously?”

Forgive me but my link button is not wanting to play with my nominees – they keep going to a bank sites or amazon     😦  because this lovely woman writes exquisitely and is helping me to become a better writer and you should pop over and have a read. – because she is a fellow Australian who writes extremely informative, intelligent and down to earth posts. because she writes as her name implies, she is both hilarious and extremely talented (especially with Haiku).

Time to say Thank You!

and it’s that time again to say I


THANK YOU to my followers.

THANK YOU for joining, for reading, for participating!

THANK YOU to my 310 (thats a jump of 83 from my last thank you,  exactly a month ago (Let me hear you say WHOOP – WHOOP)

I AM GRATEFUL for each and every one of you!

I CHERISH your comments, your advice and even your critique!

I LOVE how some of us have developed REAL VIRTUAL friendships!

So THANK YOU for putting up with my RAMBLINGS!

THANK YOU for showing an interest in what I do.




Super Sweet Blogging Award

Salutations my dear readers. Shaun from over at Looking for reasoning to a complicated world

kindly nominated me for A Super Sweet Blogger Award. Chuffed am I to have this bestowed on me. You can see his post here >

As I am partially accepting the Award – in showing my appreciation for this lovely gesture, I list his other nominations below for you all to have a peek at (if you aren’t already that is). I have recently started following Shaun – he is a humorous, good-natured and thoughtful man who lives in Scotland with his family and newly acquired Staffie. He suffers from Chronic Pain and blogging and sharing helps him get through his days and nights. Please visit, I’m sure you will be glad you did.

You may notice that the below are all femme fatales …this shows how sweet this gentleman is. 🙂

1. Breathing Space @

2. Joaynn510 @

3. tersiaburger @

4. theseeker @

5. knocked over by a feather @

6. Sonel’s Corner @

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8. thek9harperlee @

9. myspokenheart @

11. Joaynn510 @

12. Thoughts of yaussiechick @

WordPress Family Award plus 28 nominees (I forgot the rules)




If you poo-poo Awards that’s fine by me. Each to his/her and let live etc.  Feel free to delete this email, I shall not be hurt or angered (possibly because I shall be none the wiser if you do).


The WordPress Family Award is reserved for folks in Cyberspace who are  unceasingly kind, sympathetic, encouraging, and open to laughter – and who keep each other going by sharing, commenting, and making personal connections even though they may actually be virtual strangers.

I was nominated by the lovely Eunice from Living and Loving – Details here

As you know I have only accepted Awards (partially) in the past, but this is a ‘family’ Award and as there aren;t too many rules and regulations I have accepted it fully from Eunice.


  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 10  (or more) others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family.
  • Let your 10 (or more) Family members know you have awarded them.

Yes you may notice that I added in the *the more* because there shouldn’t be hard and fast rules on handing out Awards. In my world one person is no greater than the other, so I went a little overboard, but truly who gives a ‘rat’s razoo’ if there is 10 or 100.  Why is it written that only 10 people deserve to be nominated?  What if there are 200 that have made an impact on your life since blogging? The people whom I have nominated have treated me with nothing but kindness and have supported me through my down, up, whacky, teary and crazy days of blogging since I began and in my humble opinion they are my WordPress Family. So if your name isn’t on this list it doesn’t mean I think any less of you, I appreciate all who follow and take an interest in what I have to say, it just means I have forgotten to add you and for that I apologise.

Some on the list are new, but in a little amount of time they have also shown me that they care and support me so I felt it only right to give them a ‘shout-out’ so that you may pop along and read them if you aren’t already doing so.  For the 28 I have listed the Award is yours to pick up and run with if you are willing to do so, I have enjoyed reading your posts, I am glad that I follow you and will continue to do so.


Another Wandering Soul

Irish Katie

Wonderland By Tatu


Meditating Mummy’s Blog

Dianne Gray Author


Knocked Over By A Feather

Land Of Quo


Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates And Chocolate….Ivonne’s Journey

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In The Net! – Stories Of Life And Narcissistic Survival

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Gabriela Blandy – The Sense Of A Journey

Kyred’s Blog

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Susan Daniels Poetry

Rambles By Desertrose.


A Prayer Like Gravity

Alastair’s Photo Fiction

Cabin Fever

The End


Rambly is home

On the 23/4/2013 I wrote a post that I was having/needing a break from the blog world.
I felt as if I was in a maelstrom with my reading, commenting and writing over the past month. Combined with the worry of being out of work, losing the friendship of a close girlfriend and then commencing the part time job, I felt I was circling the drain, not being able to hold onto the sides and saw my self about to slither down the plug hole.

I have returned from my interlude feeling more optimistic than what I was last week. I realised in my self-imposed need to be the perfect follower and blogger by reading, commenting and writing as much as possible,  that in fact I was putting undue pressure on myself.


My slightly addictive personality got the better of me, I was becoming all encompassed and consumed by my writing. However in saying that,  I am my own worst enemy and I continued, when all that was required was to take a step or two back, take a breath, centre myself and re-evaluate.

I needed to be pulled in another direction for a little while. Life does get like that occasionally, I am sure you have all experienced it in one form or another, where you feel events are getting on top of you and there comes a time/need to refocus.

The ‘obsession’ may very well take hold of me once again as the days pass and I shall possibly fall back into the sink staring once more at the plug hole, but this time I shall be holding onto the edges!  I felt I had to write for every challenge site with a photo or word prompt, every Haiku prompt every flash fiction and though I enjoyed them immensely, I think I was asking too much of myself.

This however may change a little as a couple of you made comment, I had to remember why I started this blog journey, it was my love of writing, my thirst to explore different avenues in what and how I wrote, my unstoppable quest, I did not believe for one moment that it would cause any anxiety and that all that was required was for me to once in a while ‘chill’.

I must THANK EVERYONE who was kind enough to leave a message on my post, wishing me well with my hiatus. I was quite taken back with the response from everyone. You care and I am so grateful that you do and I appreciate each and every one of you for showing concern.

All of you have been so generous with your support and I will continue to support you as much as I can, for as I have previously mentioned, if we do not support each other, then why are we doing this?

I laughed at my stats – (oh yes we all check them from time to time) and, as I wrote on my last post they did plummet to 13 views a day, which was to be expected. You don’t write, no one will read. You don’t comment on other posts, yours won’t be commented on either.

Blogging is a two way street,  do we continue to write posts day after day, week after week because we do not wish to have any feed-back, critique or kind words spoken? No, my friends I think not,  this is a community that we all share and how nice is it be acknowledged? For someone to tell you how much they loved what you wrote, or how they made you laugh, or cried, were helped or inspired in some way by what you have written. This is why we blog – this is why we place our otherwise private thoughts our lives into a public domain (otherwise we may as well keep a secret journal and be done with it).

I am honoured and I appreciate all of you.

I missed my blogging community, I missed my ‘virtual’ friends.