Liebster Award

I have (hopefully) stopped comments for this post as I did not write it for others to thank me – I don’t know if it will work. Ok so I have found out what I have done is clearly not working. Please no need to hit the like button or comment – thank you.



from Cricket’s Road through Wool Projects (her baby site as she calls it) see here…well below..

Has kindly bestowed a Liebster Award upon me. I am humbled that I have been thought of enough to be nominated. Many pooh – pooh Awards, many say it’s akin to chain mail, for whatever reason an Award is given, I shall continue to ‘partially accept’ as I have in the past.

One must be thankful and show the manners they have learned in life. To acknowledge that  someone has included me in their list, means that I show my appreciation on a post for their site and for the other nominees, for my readers to go and have a peek at.  No ‘I’ in team folks. So thank you Cricket for the Award, I am grateful that you have considered me worthy.
Other nominees are:


It’s time to say thank you

It’s Sunday afternoon ( 4:00pm to be precise) here in the Land Down Under, eyes down everyone ( no I’m not playing Bingo) look to the left, right, up, or in the middle, depending where you live.

It’s been a little while since I said Thank – You.
My fans, followers have reached an amazing 227 and over 12,000 ‘hits’ (probably many that had lost their way from the tags I placed) but nonetheless, I am bowled over by that amount. For those of you that have a gazillion, be proud of your accomplishment. For those who have just begun your blogging journey, I wish you luck and happiness at being able to share your words. You will meet some amazingly talented and lovely folk.

As much as I love to write, I think it only fair, that now and then we should thank those that follow us (my thoughts only). I could sit at home and scribble my ramblings into my journal, but would I be satisfied with that? Everyone likes a pat on the back and recognition for what they do. Having a site whereby people can follow you (obviously because they enjoy what they read or they wouldn’t otherwise), is my encouragement to continue. There are days when my brain is frozen (yes I know – doesn’t happen often) but meeting challenges and prompts on various sites, or coming up with an idea from reading another post,  or simply having an idea in my head that I need to share gives me such an internal buzz. I love it, we all do or we wouldn’t have started in this realm.

Knowing that people enjoy (hopefully) what I do,  brings a smile to my dial…. like this       🙂

‘so ..yeah thanks heaps’

To start with none
then see one
and gradually increase
stirs up many emotions
in liddle’ bitty me
Some may think I dribble
and I’m really very touched
for you to hang on in there
I thank you all so much




As you know I don’t accept Awards anymore, but this one I could not pass up! How cute is this Photo! 🙂

Bestowed upon me from the beautiful Ivonne at http:ivonnemontijo.wordpress.comthe-missy-award

The  Missy Award is presented to those bloggers who support and advocate for animals either in the blog as a whole or a blog post.  They can be animal lovers, vegetarian,vegan, rescue workers, doesn’t matter it’s all about the animals.

The Rules are:

1- You must post the Award Picture onto your blog–but who doesn’t love putting award pictures on their blog?!!!
2- Link back to
3-And answer two questions.

A- What inspires or motivates you to write?
Feelings that drift through my mind on any given moment of the day (or sadly) the night when sleep does not occur, words are frantically written into my phone under the covers, like a teenager sending messages to her boyfriend. Anything will inspire my desire to write. Songs, words, photos, conversations. It is something, possibly inbred in me and I know not why, but I cherish the gift of words, of imagination of being able to bare my soul on paper,  no matter what the subject. To have a site for my ramblings such as this (WP) is something I also cherish, for this has given me my outlet, to air my thoughts and to share my words.

B- Why do you love animals?
Because they are simply the most beautiful and devoted creatures on this planet. Their love is unconditional. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Cruelty of any nature abhors me. I have loved animals,  particularly dogs and horses ever since I can remember. I shall continue to love and support when I can, those that are need of human help or intervention. We need to eradicate dog-fights, bear-fights, cock-fighting. The thrill for man to watch animals tearing each other apart sickens me. If you wish to visit this Post  There has to be an End,  for a more detailed explanation of why I feel this way. To our fur-babies – the ones still crying out for help, you will be heard. The ones that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, mum will see you again one day and to those that you have as part of your family be grateful everyday for the joy that bring you.

4-Nominate other worthy bloggers or just simply accept the award and do #’s 1-3

My nominations (other than those nominated in Ivonne’s Post) are:-

I nominate – for her love of dogs.
I nominate – for her beautiful photos of animals (puppies!!) in her posts.
I nominate – for recently adopting Benny – See her Post – How I trusted a perfect stranger.

5- Oh yes, please let your nominees know you nominated them.

Thank you Ivonne for also recently adopting two puppies , saving them from crossing the Rainbow Bridge  -xxx 🙂

PLEASE HELP IVONNE – We only have 2 Weeks!!!

$80 raised $450.00 needed and 10 days before these munchkins pass from this earth

PLEASE any of my followers – can you help get these two (Gayle and Naomi) to Ivonne who is wanting to adopt them.

I have donated.
We can write blogs about relationships, be political , post photos, hell yes, we can write what we ate for breakfast and people take notice.
This Reblog is however one that I have taken notice of and perhaps you may also.
Ivonne Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates … is adopting these two beautiful girls (puppies).
She needs OUR HELP to do this – – I ask are you able to help?
I ask this of you, those that follow me, can you help to make this possible?
Please go her website and see the link to make a contribution and read about these girls that Ivonne is saving. She needs to cover the transport costs from Texas to California (within 2 weeks), she is struggling to do this on her own.
This is worthwhile, I re-blogged this not because of great poetry or of beautiful writing, this is in my eyes has far more meaning, this is about saving the lives of two puppies and she needs our assistance.
PLEASE  if you can let us show how united we are on WordPress and that all the writers here give a damn about our fellow ‘Bloggers’ in a situation such as this. I have also put this on my FB. Please leave a comment if you have been able to help her.
We are generous in our comments towards one another, let us also be generous in this.

Thank You!

Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey


These two little girls, Gayle (with the Cherry Eye) and her sister Naomi came across my Facebook feed.
They are ten week old puppies that were on the euthanasia list for Wed Feb 6,2013. Well, little Gayle looks just like my Topaz that passed away 7 years ago…….

And no one was stepping up to adopt them…I could not believe it…….10 week old puppies going to be put to sleep?

And so I stepped up. I said I would adopt them. They have been saved from death and they have a temporary foster at the moment. The problem is that the puppies are in Texas and I am in California. There is a transport going from Texas to Loa Angeles in three weeks. The rescue group has set up a donation fund for the girls to cover the cost of vetting and transportation.

But last time I checked…

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Dedicated to Paula (depressionexists) on WordPress.

I am dedicating this post and giving a very warm smile and a huge amount of love and appreciation to :-

Paula – or as I call her – Paulama (because she owns 2 beautiful Llamas) she is also know to me as Sugar-Plum, Honey-Pie (and possibly many more names that I have come up with since conversing with her!)

This woman who is a ‘Virtual’ friend did something amazing in my eyes, tonight.

She dedicated an entire post to me and also to my book…

This is a friendship that has evolved and hasn’t been judged based on looks, how a person has spent their life, or what a person may suffer, no intolerance, no discrimination.

We have never met, like thousands of others who are in contact with each other on a daily basis on WP.  This is a friendship with a remarkable woman that has grown simply from starting a blog on WordPress.

This “Co-operative” as it were that brings so many people together from every corner of our planet, for one sole purpose…

Those of us who want to share our lives in the public forum, those of us that feel we have something we can give. Whether it is the ability to make someone laugh, or perhaps generate emotions that makes them shed a quiet tear. People who are suffering from depression as Paula does, whose posts are nothing short of amazing. Supporting, offering advice and simply being there to lend a hand to someone in need.

There are others with brilliant photography, living in relationships that they aren’t happy with, every day ups and downs of being a mum, parents, singles, students. People with musical interests, painting, political, poets, writers, the list is as varied as it is endless with so many extremely talented people contributing.

None of these voices would be heard if it wasn’t for sites like WP to make it possible.

We come together as one group,  hoping that we can, in our own small corner of the world, be able to contribute, a ‘communication’ that will hopefully make someone else’s day complete in what we write or show. Will it have a significant effect on the world we live in, possibly not, does it mean a great deal to each and every one of us who ‘blog’  – most definitely.

The site name speaks for itself, we are pressing words out sharing our lives, our talents, our thoughts with anyone who will read.

I am humbled by the followers I have and I thank them all, never realising for one moment when starting my blogging adventure, that I would also be making friendships along the way.

So I thank Paula from the bottom of my heart, for the incredibly beautiful words she wrote about me and spending her valuable time in dedicating her post to me.

If you don’t follow – please do – she writes with humour and great warmth and sage advice for those that may require some help.

She doesn’t pretend to be Doctor or Psychologist she is simply someone who tells her life story in the hope that she may help others.

This is what WP has enabled us to do – to reach out to others. I for one am grateful and loving the experience more and more every day.

So thank you once more Paula – for such an unselfish and amazingly kind act.


Dangling Re-Blog


Loneliness creeps in

A slow-rolling fog

Time, a numbing existence

Weakening resolve

Replacing logic with

breathless emotion

As the heart of the soul

Weeps with frustration.


Restlessly dangling

Such a delicate string

Frayed by ambiguity

Connected only by a

Thin thread of sheer will.

Pensive, patient passion

The tiny, clinging knot –

A cardinal memory

Growing less vivid

With each day’s distance.


Assuaging fear

Clouds of indecision

Scatter, revealing

A solitary stranger

Holding on to nothing

An unfettered lifeline snaps

Plunged humbly and absolutely

Swimming against the current

Drowning in a sea of whys.

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Merry Christmas to you all…and to all a goodnight :-) xx

Credit pic

Best singing voices everyone – to be sung to Away in A Manger

Christmas in Australia

is just round the bend

I have prepped and stressed out

and now hope this will end


We shall have our nibbilies

when they first walk in the door

then we’ll offer them a drink

one or two or maybe more


We shall sit at the table and crack

our bon-bons plastic toys and

paper hats silly jokes and

lot’s of noise


I’ll stress ’bout the turkey and also the pork

is it cooked through

is it done right

please test with your fork


I’ll consume too much alcohol

I know this to be true

and I’ll get all melancholy

just looking at you


the entree will come first

do not know what they’ll bring

I’m sure it’ll be delightful

and we’ll gladly tuck in


the potatoes will be crunchy

the pumpkin cooked just right

the mushy peas and salads

tasty morsels every bite


Then we have our pudding

lashings of custard if you please

then there’s trifle laced with alcohol

oh our belts will surely squeeze


The wine will flow freely

the laughs will get loud

there’ll be memories of

past years and how we imbibed


The presents will we open we

will goo and we will will gaa

we shall say oh you shouldn’t have

you really went too far


BUT secretly we are happy

for the presents that they gave

we’re delighted and thankful

and each one is our fave


The Carols will be playing

in the background soft and sweet

we shall eat drink and be merry

and later fall asleep


Yes this day is for families

and ones that you love

if I start to get teary

I will blame the egg-nog


The festivities will be finished

the kitchen is a mess

the dishes piled up high

but at least no more stress


Then Christmas day is over and

our tummies will be full and we

daren’t go and weigh ourselves

no that would be cruel


So enjoy your celebrations

whatever you may do have

and cry or laugh hysterically

for you’re entitled too

Credit pic 123rf

I wish a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of my Followers and readers.

Some of you have been with me since I began this journey, others who are new to my ramblings.

To all that have pressed LIKE, to all of you that have VISITED and SUPPORTED me on this wild ride of prolific writing (I don’t….do I?) when I first began in July. I had no idea when a friend of mine said  “You like writing so much why don’t you start your own blog site”.  I also had no idea that I would have an audience fact any audience (I know it’s tiny compared to some, but more than I ever thought I would have). So to those that have made that possible  – I thank you.

For those that may check their Stats (hands up I know you do).

July 21 visits and 7 posts.

August 117 visits and 14 posts.

September 830 visits and 33 posts.

October 1,206 visits and 34 posts.

November 1,032 visits and 24 posts.

December 1,851 visits and 69 posts…. I did mention I was a prolific writer (went on a bit) did I not?

Good grief that means I have passed the 5000th visitor  –  Sings – “Celebrate Good Times…Come On”!


I have made friends on here, (sorry if that sounds cliche), but it is the truth….virtual though they are (for most of you).

I have read some amazing stories and equally some outstanding poetry.

I have giggled, cursed, empathised, rolled my eyes, blushed and shed a tear through laughter or sorrow. I have seen amazing photography,  I have witnessed people’s lives through their words and discovered truly talented and heart warming people.

So diverse the writers on here with so many stories yet told.

To those that I follow – I hope that I have been supportive and shown that I do care about what you write and grant me the sanity to continue 🙂

Tomorrow will be a hectic one… but when the family has left and the rooms are quiet, I shall be back on here helping RoS for C4C along with many others who have volunteered some time to help those that are alone and want to reach out to someone to hopefully bring them a little cheer… now that’s what Christmas is ALL ABOUT. 🙂

Take Care everyone, stay safe and may your Christmas Day be filled with wonderment, joy and mostly love.

Let’s see how long I will stay away for..knowing me..not long at all 🙂

Thank you


Super Sweet Blogging Award

From radaronelson (Seasons of Insanity)

Don’t they look delish???

I was kindly nominated under   – Please note that I haven’t closed this site down due to having comments on there and I don’t want to just obliterate them from the face of the planet, so I leave it open, however this site ramblingfromamum is my main one. Now that I have cleared that all up… taa daaaa

This kind nomination was from (Aka – Seasons of Insanity)

I have told Mr Radar 🙂 that I will do a blog as my expression of gratitude for him for my nomination and to list the other sites that he nominated so that all may take a peek.

The broken road – This guy has truly been through a lot and his post really convey that.  He’s a great guy and I recommend eveyone check him out.

Fat bottom Girl Said What – This chick really makes me laugh.  She found me through another follower and I am so glad she did.  I really can’t say enough about her.  So go follow her.

WalkTenPaces – The laughing duck is truly unique….just like the rest of us.  She has some great posts and great comments so check her out.

Another Wondering Soul – If your into Poetry this is the place to go.  She has some great stuff and i highly recommend her.

Lady Or Not Here I Come – Rebecca is truly hillarious.  I laugh at every single one of her posts.  You have to go follow her for no other reason then to put a smile on your face on those bad days.

B(itch) Log – I’m sure everyone saw my last guest blogger.  This is her.  Heather holds no bars and says what she wants.  If your not already a follower you need to be.

survivingmiddleage – She always has great posts like calling after hours, a pet peave of mine, so check her out I know you’ll enjoy her page.

terry1954 – If your looking for a down to earth blog this is the one for you.  This blog truly does have some good reading on it.

Mitten’s Kittens Blog – What more can I say about Jessica then she has been freshly pressed.  Wow.  She does have a great blog and I recommend it to everyone.

Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate….Ivonne’s Journey – I can’t not nominate Ivonne.  She is truly amazing, her blog is amazing, her conversations are funny.  Check her out NOW and FOLLOW HER!

Prego and the Loon – This woman is inspiring.  What more can I say.  I think that really says everything.  So go follow her, you will be glad you did. – This blog is unique.  It’s not a personal blog per say but they are always there reading my blogs so I wanted to ensure they are noticed.  I do follow them and they do have some great posts.

And now for my honorable mention.

Shanpagne all around – My wife, my love.  She is an awesome writer, blogger, storyteller, and all around awesome person.  She isn’t big on these awards which is why I made her an honorable mention.  So she can post she won the award but no worry about going through picking 13 people to nominate.  If your not following her or viewing her blog, your missing out.  So go now, follow her, and be merry.

I shan’t put the Award on my side bar thingy – because I’m not doing the requirements – which I think only fair.

So I thank you from my beaty thing for the nomination and I hope you will accept this post as my gratitude.


My re-entry to Poem Comp – From ROS

 This was from visiting –

The rules are (I think)

  • Use the comments on one of your blogs posts to make a poem.
  • Edit the words on the comments as little as possible.
  • Put a link in the current blog (this one) that links back to Panda Man’s original blog post (Yup …see above.)
  • Put a link in the current blog (again this one) that links to the blog post you are taking your comments from.
  • I have chosen from 

From Internal arguments.

Re-done because I messed it up something terribly 😦

The comment was from

but tis my hope that you both find a path back to one another …

she is your daughter … your are her mum.


we are meant to be whole not living as one

Forgiveness the key and keep moving on

together on this path that we must travel

the path may be smooth or stumbling on gravel

The love we both have will conquer the rest

The love that continues will be put to the test

So daughter we learn through screaming and actions

that I shall be here ..let there be no more fractions

I wrote not to have another chance at this competition – but to prove to myself that I’m not completely stupid and can follow the directions..hopefully this time it’s right.

1,816 Visitors- Thank you WordPress

What can I say?

Whoever thought when I started this humble little blog site through WORDPRESS that I would have accumulated so many people reading my gibberish?? I for one certainly did not.

I have raved and ranted and dribbled for the last three and a bit months about not necessarily the most exciting or thought provoking topics on this planet since I started at the end of July and did not think that I would even have 1 follower, 1 like, or 1 comment,  but I have over that time, learnt that’s what a blog site is all about.

You can be but a singular voice amongst a casts of thousands.

So many sites about life, fears, phobias, photography, personal hardship, personal goals…such an array of works… everyone sharing their lives in the open for all to see.

Through this I have found an affinity with so many people.

If it wasn’t for your site I would never have met or known of people around this world and for that I express my gratitude.

So this Post/Blog is to say THANK YOU WORDPRESS for giving people like me a simple suburban woman living in Australia who lives a pretty much normal existence the power of speech… an outlet to be able to say what her thoughts are, publicise whatever is on her mind at any particular moment of the day or night.

I have met and made friends (though only in the ‘virtual world’)  because of this. People actually care and comment about what I have written ( at least I think they do) and through your site you have made it possible to read, absorb and learn from so many others that contribute to it.

Yes there are sites that have had thousands of visitors and thousands of followers…but I am content with whom have liked, commented and followed my little site of ramblings. I get to share my emotions, my photos, my thoughts with people around the world whom I shall probably never meet and to me that is PRICELESS. I treasure everyone who visits me, everyone who comments, everyone who follows. I did not start this site to have a thousand followers. This site is not about vanity. This site is being able to share with people in the hope that you may connect with them…not a numbers game.

Hopefully I can continue being able to reply to everyone’s comments as I feel that they are all special for taking the time out of their busy lives to follow me and comment on what I have written.

They have all made me laugh or shed a tear and be in awe of their writing skills.

There are SO many talented people in this world, and through your site you have made it possible to see them in an otherwise unknown realm.

I do not write this for adoration or to be recognised. I write this because I feel that you have allowed me to be who I am. You have never met me I am a number or a name logged into your site..nothing more nothing less..but you have opened doors. You have by way of having this site have allowed me to meet amazing people and read posts from people unknown to me…and because of that I feel I am part of their lives be it ever so small.

So I end saying Thank You WordPress for having the insight to allow people to write what they may, share what they will and in doing so meet new friends and enjoy others in this ‘virtual world of ours’.

Picture courtesy of Google (if it remains that is!)