Fuzzy wuzzy was a worm and I’m not talking what’s in Tequila

and fuzzy wuzzy was a worm
or that is how it’s told

does fuzzy mean partake of
sssh I’m not so bold

as to write a piece of
prose based on wine
that I have drunk?

forgive me (hic) is it
that bad? Crap 😦
is it really junk?

yes I’ve had a wine
or two
don’t think bad of me
my dears

tis been a long day that
I have had and it’s
wine not umpteen beers

so fuzzy maybe what has
come for wuzzy has dissolved
or is that wuzzy that has
emerged and fuzzy’s
been dissolved?

Pfft I’m not clear on
what I say, my brain has
turned to mush

and when I wake
and read this again
I am sure I’m bound
to blush

but put your hands up
if your game
to say you have
‘been there’

I’m sure you have
it’s not unheard
I’m sure you’ll want
to share…..

I can never look a bottle of Barcadi Rum in the face again…or is that bottle… or…

What have you drunk …but never will again?