Sink or swim


The stream holds a feather
Fallen from a bird in flight it floats
Her barbs paw gently on the surface
Holding the water that envelops
Watch it as it dips and wanes
Yet she doesn’t fall to the rocks below
Steadfast through the currents, strong again
Light, weightless

A stone we cast, heavy
Will not float
Throw it in
It will drown each time
Most times I am the feather
Buoyant, resilient
Barbs untouched
Not allowing myself to sink
Then there are times
I am that stone

Also for – writing on our emotions

riders on the storm

Horses-1-K6IZAMQ25Y-1024x768Sharing with the wonderful folk at  dVerse – The Poets Pub (as written yesterday and domestic chores beckon).

the calm beginning ~ horses at the starting gate
before hooves punch the ground, breath through
nostrils flair; who will have the false start
words bandied back and forth in anger and
who will trip across the barrier
who will hold the reins tight listening
as tempers start to fray, like rhythmic feet
upon the ground, dismantling the clay

who listens to who; whose the judge without
a jury ~ yes but you don’t understand
I am this way, I am who I am, I cannot change
my life will always be the same

I hear you, I have empathy, but you have
to change yourself to see, to overcome the
hurdles you now face, to get you to
a better place, to be the one you wish to be

but there is no hope ~ Why can’t you see
with hands that clench and feet that step
from side to side;  body tense;  tears flow
and as your mum ~ have no place to go with this
to handle, to help you understand
I watch as you fall apart ~ before my very eyes
I want to hug, but that will only disguise
what needs to be said out loud, with both voices
raised, how much more can we both take
the horses have bolted and who won the race

©jmtacken Sept 2013

*Please let me know if you have issues with the audio – I don’t know how to fix it though..unfortunately 😦