through the pines – Prose

Rove beyond the pines standing straight and tall
gather bracken, wood and leaves to make our bed
lay your body on the ground, gaze towards the clouds
as you wait, I shan’t be long to take my place
laying by your side

hands we’ll hold and skin will touch as fingertips
entwine, we’ll watch stars shoot across the sky
capturing glimpses of the crescent moon that peeks and
hides, we shall listen to the night wind as it journey’s
through the trees and breathe the nettles of the pines that
stand so straight and tall

lips will meet with eyes open wide, I’ll stare into
the ocean of your soul, on a bed of bracken, wood
and leaves, as gentle fingers caress my back
quivering at your deft touch, the taste of skin has
quenched me, the moon and stars witness to our love

the night quietly fell away, eyes opened by the
sunrise just beyond the hill, through the pines
that stand straight and tall on the bracken, leaves
and wood; morning in the forest where we made love
the night before, I shall blush asking if you
love me, you answer with a smile, in my bosom
the beat is silent replaced with violins and harps

Weeping Willow

Studio 30 The Prompt –  Weeping Willow.
I have adapted a piece I wrote some time back.

Run in-between the rain drops
shouting my name out loud
I turn my head
I feel a blush, I laugh

drops from clouded skies
touch my skin, my
trickle down my nose

chase me up the grassy knoll
dress soaked through
I care not

warming winds carry
your words closer
to my ears
“Rose ….wait”

follow me my love
to the top of the
hill where the
willows brush the earth

you love me…is that really
what I heard
spirits shan’t be dampened
hearing those three words

pursue me capture me
my body as my heart
remove my transparency
for I am yours

nothing else matters
not the rain, nor the wind

you love me, I want you under

the weeping willow branches

willow tree 3


Write at the Merge Prompt – ‘My world’s in a bubble’


Cuddled together
a blanket of coloured wool
surrounds our shoulders
clink of glasses
toasting each other
as we look ahead to the lake
and the mountain beyond
plunging into the depths
where we cannot swim
feed me fresh strawberries
smile as juice trickles down
my chin grab a handkerchief
gently wipe as I stupidly grin
watch ants round our feet
and lift our legs high
not wanting a bite this makes
us laugh at the small things
the large things the colours
the clouds drifting through
heavens this worlds indeed ours
for all that I have
right here and right now
is our own nirvana
away from the crowds
as like the bubble that
drifts in the breeze
all that I need is
right here with me

For WatMButtonTake2wText-150x150

First kiss and where did it lead?


We kissed
not knowing
what a kiss meant
children young


but as we grew
friendship transformed
to true binding love
heartfelt and warm

this is the place
where we took
our vows on the sand
committed our lives
to walk
hand in hand

and this is us now
I look back on those years
the first kiss that we took
our crush in school years
our wedding
the joys of
the children I bore
moving houses
the mortgages
the debts and

grandparents_2241892b the grandchildren
the family
that’s ours
the first kiss
that started
what we have now

and yes we make love
we hold hands and we kiss
we share precious moments
and won’t relinquish
what we feel for each other
our love or our bond
our bodies have changed
but our love is still strong


we give thanks to the children
we were on that day and
give thanks to each other
that our love has remained

‘A little bit of the warm and fuzzies’

You failed to say


“You failed to say” …

that boys could break my heart ~~~ that one day I would fall in love
that I would hurt
that I as your daughter must be careful ~~~ for there are boys who
would toy with my emotions
twist my heart into a knot ~~~ and leave
you should have warned me
that not all boys play fair ~~~ should have let me know
that my gut would ache
that I would fail to sleep fail to eat ~~~ that I would weep with
tears that seemingly had no end
that my voice would scream ~~~ from inside and no one
would hear my pain

I sit looking at the glass ~~~ filled with wine ~~~ tempting
trying to erase ~~~ and understand
why you didn’t tell me ~~~ liquid nectar that helps me ~~~ shut out the world
dilutes my misery ~~~ room swirls ~~~ speech slurred

boys versus wine ~~~the wine has won this day.


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Love under the willow tree

Chase me through the rain
shout my name out loud
I turn my head I laugh

drops from clouds hit my
face, chase me up the hill
my dress soaked through

the wind will not banish
your voice it only carries
it closer to me

hits my face like the rain
chase me my love, up to the top
where the willows brush the earth

you love that what you said
rain shall not dampen how I feel
hearing those three words

run to me, catch me and throw
me to the ground take me
if you will, you said you loved me

nothing else in the world matters
not the rain, nor the wind
you love me, I want your love under

the willow branches


Child touch you daddy’s knee.
do not cry my child, he is your dad
he is a stranger I know, brush your tears
away, for they now should be tears of happiness
he has come back to us, he shall hug you and tell you
how sorry he is, for the years he has missed, the years that
he didn’t get to know you, see he also cries, he didn’t mean to
go away, he was young and scared, as your mummy was, but I
gave you birth and never a day has passed that I regret having you
he has missed you growing, missed the first words you uttered, missed
your first steps, your laughter, don’t cry, he is not a stranger any longer not
to you or to me, he is your father and he is sorry, so very sorry for running away
sorry for not being able to hold or watch you grow, to comfort you or me but he has returned, touch his knee angel, your daddy has returned to us, no….no cry with him little girl….cry your daddy is now home