Feltone Castle – Part 2


She crawled into her bed, pulling the heavy blankets across her shoulder. Listening to the branches, the crows it seemed now settling as the wind slowly lost its power.

She was tired, but knew it would be hard to sleep. She scrunched her pillow hoping by pummelling the fibres she could rest her cheek within its walls and she’d be safely cocooned.

Her eyelids grew heavy, closing in intervals, the sign that sleep would soon wash over her. It was minutes before her breathing started to slow, her body heat shielding her from the cold.

Her body jolted so badly she felt as if she had been split in two, part lay on the warm sheet, the other huddled, shaking against the cold corner of the room. The cries were loud and piercing, the footsteps hurried, seeking.

There were two of them, this is all she heard and as she lay there, she sensed sadness in their cries.

….to be continued

14 thoughts on “Feltone Castle – Part 2

  1. Jen, I liked her head being cocooned, I love her sinking into deep sleep only to be split into two!! Wow! I am shivering with cold fear. . .
    I am afraid of the dark while some are excited by it.
    I love the idea of your writing a serious story in parts. We will wait “with bated breath” for your next part. ♡ Perfect creative effort.

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