Memories of Past – Yes more old photos..time to run

My Grandparents were English. The below is my Grandparents wedding day, I never got to meet my Grandfather. I was fortunate to meet my Grandmother when I was in England (when I was 18) but she sadly passed away whilst I was over there. I love the dresses and the stoic look on their faces. Obviously ‘one’ didn’t smile for the camera in those days.

My Grandparents Wedding 029

then they did

Grandparents 1952030

I don’t have many photos of me as a child. Brother 1st born stole the limelight…no kidding he I am kidding. When mum and dad came out to Australia they didn’t own a camera so a friend of theirs took most of the photos of him.. by the time I came along 2 years later, the friend had moved ..and well they still didn’t have a camera..    yes whose a little tubby – and pick me in the torn photo…

jenny2                                    Pick Me004

12 thoughts on “Memories of Past – Yes more old photos..time to run

  1. I could not hit the like button more than once damnit!

    Those are suchhhhhhh treasures!!! Okay … photo by photo analysis by yours truly coming up …

    Photo #1: So … I am going to Hawaii … so I was doing some research and came across old photos of Hawaii royalty. And the clothes are sooooooooo similar. This has GOT to be one of my favorite photos on this post.

    Photo #2: LOOK! Your mum has a star on he head! yah!!! You know how you told me that your mum would say she is not as beautiful anymore. Pffft! So that photo was 30 years ago…also looks to be about 20 yrs after her wedding one? And she is beautiful in this one…there is no reason to think she is not beautiful today *smiles*

    Photo #3: Awwwwwwwww

    Photo #4: Ok, so the OBVIOUS pick would be the one of the child holding her dress out lol. But I thought…too obvious. Then I saw your brother (?) in the photo…and if you are younger….then it appears perhaps there are two in the photo that would fit…the little one on the lower left…and the scampy hold-my-dress-out-to-the-world one lol. Hmmmm. So, I also recalled a photo of you I saw of you at your daughter’s wedding …. and … the leg crossing …hmmm…. so …picks….dress holder girl!!! (you can email me if I am right or not…so others can play. If I got it wrong, do I at least get a parting gift before being sent off the game show?)

    • So detailed Katiekins!! I do love that 1st photo I must admit. 2nd Photo I shall tell her what you wrote or get her to read – she will be thrilled. 🙂 and I didn’t even notice the star on her head! She’s my angel then. Photo 3 – ty for the awww. Photo 4 ….how very very clever of you 😉 and to think of even the leg crossing…funny another thing I didn’t pick up at all. You really have studied these haven’t you! Yes it is moi the scampy lol well done mwaahhhh xxx

      • Ack…see, I was hitting the like button multiple times…and I think when you do that it “Likes”, then “Un-Likes”, then “Likes”, then “Un-Likes” ….. I have to learn to hit that button once haha.

        Hm…should your new nick be “Scampy”? *grins*

  2. Aww, so lovely. I love the first photo, it reminds me of my grandparents.
    I think your mum is so beautiful. She has a Downton Abbey look and you’ll know exactly what I mean 🙂 especially in the 3rd photo. I do think there is a sense of mischief about the little one holding the dress out, so I feel that might be you…
    Am I right? I had a dress like the ones in the photo too, I still have the photo.

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