Open Progressive Story – All who read add 1 to 4 lines..see where it goes?

Thank you for all of those that are contributing

This has just popped into my head. I shall start. Let’s see how many twists and turns this story can take on from those that add their piece.  Let’s then see how the story ends.

Two simple rules

Try and keep to the theme of what has been written.

Do not add other comments just write your lines.

I shall start with –

She had walked into the bar, dressed in jeans, white T,  black blazer and her designer leather boots. Yes it was casual day at the office but she still liked to dress to impress. Sitting down at the cosy bench seat tucked away in the corner she was out of the way of the crowds that were spilling through the doorway for their after work drinks. On the table in front of her, a champagne cocktail, with obligatory pink umbrella hanging off the side of the glass, though she probably should have asked for a beer, she was in a beer mood.

6 thoughts on “Open Progressive Story – All who read add 1 to 4 lines..see where it goes?

  1. But she went with the cocktail because it seemed the thing to do when one had something to celebrate. And she did have something to celebrate. At first she hadn’t been sure whether it was cause for celebration or distress but now, having had time to think about it, she decided it was definitely the former. The second she had walked out that door she had felt giddy from the release of pressure … the lifting of the proverbial weight from her shoulders. If the thought of going back made her feel sick, the thought of never having to see or pass through that doorway again made her want to skip and twirl and, well, order drinks with pink umbrellas.

  2. The drink was a yummy way to put an end to her day. All alone in the booth it was clear it was much more of a special day and a beer would just not do. She was once again celebrating life and so ready to get to living it!

  3. The drink was bright and cheery, it added a sparkle to the stressful day she left behind. There was no way she was going to let anyone spoil her mood. She felt good, looked good and wanted to be left alone to enjoy her moment. She certainly didn’t have peace during her work day, everyone had an issue that she needed to fix. She was done fixing….

  4. “Can I fix you another drink?”

    Looking up, she saw it was one of the wait staff. Fix another drink? Looking at her glass she realized she’d near finished it off.

    “Yes, another would be lovely,” she said. “And you can skip the umbrella.”

    She was feeling silly. Perhaps she should call one of her friends to join her. It was a glorious day after all. Why enjoy the days end alone. Hell, it was almost the weekend …

  5. But it didn’t really matter because for the moment she was going to live life on an extended weekend. She could finally start pursuing those put away dreams. She sat there reveling in what was to be her new found freedom from the world of 9-5 corporate rat race. She was so lost in her thoughts that she nearly missed seeing the tall handsome stranger that strutted through the doors of the bar. She was in another time and another place as he sauntered past her…dressed all in black from his cowboy boots, to his jeans and cowboy hat..even the guitar hanging over his shoulder was black. But his eyes were blue and piercing and penetrated her soul. “Is this seat taken?”, he asked. He literally took her breath away and she sat there stunned……. “No” she barely stammered……

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