Our day trawling round the Furniture Shops

And so I be in a writing mood or should I perhaps say mode

Today we ventured furniture shopping to adorn our humble abode

Alas we found nothing that took our fancy so

We came back empty handed not parting with our dough


All we want is a simple buffet not the buffet that means food

A cabinet for kitchen we hunted for and we determinedly perused

Some were made of Australian oak, some were laminate

We baulked at prices, workmanship, it was more than we could take


So we are empty handed not a buffet to our name

And we shall hunt again next week and hopefully strike our claim

For how hard is to shop for one, tis harder you than you think

At least now home and feet put up I can have a bloody drink!


Courtesy Google & http://www.erikorganic.com


7 thoughts on “Our day trawling round the Furniture Shops

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  2. Oooooh like, like, like, that photo you’ve put up Mumsy, is gorgeous. I feel the same way with buffets and couches. Parting with the dough has to be worth it, and I can’t stand laminate. I have a buffet that I am now finally happy with but want a couch. Hubby on the other hand doesn’t feel like one, so I will continue my search. I have to say the furniture here is either made in Vietnam or Thailand( really good wood) and US made is beyond our means. It is very hard finding the right. eco friendly wood. Sigh. I hope you find a lovely buffet( not the food, although, I feel like a buffet today) soon.

  3. Ahh…it is called different names in different places I think. I have also seen it called a hutch … china shelf …what else?

    Anyway, I went shopping for one once…I thought perhaps if I went into an antique shop it might be less spendy…NO WAY! lol. I still do not have one to this day.

    Sooo….maybe more luck the next time for you *smiles*

    By the way, is Australian wood a hardwood then? Like oak or maple?

    • Hello sweet-pea yes Australian wood is mainly hardwood, myrtle, red gum, tasmanian oak etc.
      Hopefully next week we can look – though I must start organising myself for Christmas too… so the furniture may have to wait till after Santa’s arrival!
      Antique shops if like over here…very expensive but some beautiful pieces 🙂 xx

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