If you go out in the woods? today… (Prose)

above me on the streets
the sound of feet, shuffling back and forth
on slippery concrete treading oblivious
to what lies underfoot
where drops splash
I wait, listening for the noise
hidden from those above
the evil unnoticed down below
those who are unknowing
the underground tunnels of my world
the hideous who lurk, like me
against the darkened walls
 sightless creatures dwell
devouring those who enter
a domain remote, mysterious
beneath the infrastructure
curiosity of bourbon
bottled manliness
descends from concrete lids
unsuspecting, into the abyss
where icicle like cobweb trails
hangs from moss infected walls
and rodents lay in wait, like me
eager to destroy
to anyone who enters my environment
and slips against their will
take heed of my demonic life
my thirst for bones is real
tread carefully as you descend
I salivate with thoughts of you
you will not be protected
I’ll seek and then I’ll kill
©jmtacken Dec 2013

Photo Credit:  http://www.pinterest.com




35 thoughts on “If you go out in the woods? today… (Prose)

  1. I agree this is definitely dark and creepy. However, the instant I read the words, “If you go into the woods? today I got taken back to when I’d been quite quite young and a song which is TOTALLY JUXTAPOSED to what you wrote started to play in my, a song which goes back way before I’d been born,
    I believe you definitely know the song I’m referring to:

    • Oh yes I know this song well, it was weird with the link – the clip shows up then disappears. Thanks for sending 🙂 Yes it’s ‘quite a bit’ different isn’t it – thanks for reading – appreciated 🙂

    • tee hee hee – I have to stop saying that – but every time I read dark and creepy it comes out with my hands wringing together ~ thanks Beth 😉 x

  2. Jenny! I nearly jumped three feet into the air when I opened your email and saw that picture. I was freaked. Then the words. Awesomely terrifying. A real mood changer. Wonderfully done. 🙂 x

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