What’s important?

I have poetry written, it sits in my folder. I posted one earlier, others I have written are of my boredom, of my day to day soul searching about the career path I have chosen.

The poetry waits, with the news that we had today in Melbourne, that has both sickened me and tore at my heart. My thoughts of how my life is, are insignificant in the scheme of things.

An eleven year old boy, playing cricket, his dad estranged from the mother, watching him, a cricket ground in front of a small community, happy and safe…

Until the father of this innocent boy, cornered him in a cricket practice net, belting him and then stabbing him to his death.

Police tried pepper spray, the father wouldn’t give up. Police then fired a shot, the father begged them to continue but he fell and later died.

Luke R.I.P. Questions of why go through everyone’s mind. His mother interviewed later, who was at the ground but thankfully did not witness the atrocity, said her ex husband loved his son.

Love that got lost along the way, she was abused for years before they separated. She trusted her husband with her son.

With all that happens in the world, with the Valentines Day celebrations and good cheer about to happen, where love and money making for Hallmark and florists abound, these are moments to think about. The snow storms hitting the USA, the floods ravaging in the UK though they catastrophic, they don’t compare, writing to release my inner thoughts – certainly mean nothing.

A mother is without her only child, a man lost with problems we may never know about.

I can’t begin to imagine what this poor young child was thinking as his father belted him with a bat then pulled a knife on him and began stabbing him.

I’m not saying to forget celebrations, or what is happening in other parts of world is trivial, I’m in my own way, simply reflecting on what I was writing and comparing it to what others have experienced in the last 24 hours and how their lives have changed.

35 thoughts on “What’s important?

  1. Oh! Such a sad incident.
    There are so many things happening in different parts of the world… so many atrocities that we find our comfort in ignorance. Because confronting the truth of them and the reality of the insensitive world is painful.
    It is terrifying to think of those lives which are not very unlike others. Reminds me of a statement from Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines which reflected on the fact that a person’s death is accompanied by the complete ceasing of their own memories and thoughts, their identity, their words, their feelings and emotions.
    Every single life is precious… but it is hard for us to understand that when so many lives pass by us in a matter of seconds…. some we notice in the back of our visions, others walk by just like that and to think that they are the very examples of complexity that we are, is indeed strange.

    • Anmol – thank you for reading, it has hit me hard and my writing as I said… well my feelings are altered tonight with what I was writing to hearing of this news that happened last night. You are right every single life is so precious, be it a child or adult. Thank you for writing what you have…bless you.

  2. I hadn’t heard about this until now. We are so often left speechless over the behaviour of some people. You are right we may never know what was going on in that fathers head at that time as most crimes of passion are hard to fathom. Very sad in deed.

  3. Yes that is a sad and sorry story more and more often hear of estranged fathers or mothers killing their children and then themselves leaving the survive horrified and grieving to spend the rest of their life wondering why. We live in harsh horrible times. Be blessed!

    • I guess we will never know hun. The mother had an AVO meaning his access was limited due to previous abuse of her. When she was interviewed, she made the judgement that the father could go and watch his son play cricket, the mother was at the ground but didn’t witness. Something obviously cracked..and this was the tragic result. 😦 xx

  4. So sad indeed. So many make babies with someone they know is OFF till it is too late happens all the time in the states and breaks my heart each time. I made a bad choice long ago and did all I could to protect Mike but in this world we live in no matter what we do to protect we seem powerless in the end 😦

      • 😦 We had a Mother here 20 min. from us that had to let the father of her son have visitation. So there was a woman ordered to go to the local YWCA/YMCA so she dropped her little boy off and though she knew the man was not fit to see his son it was court order to be allowed well the man killed his little boy in the packed facility and the Mother has no baby to hold his Mom stayed strong and finally went before the law makers today in fact and the new bill protecting families is named after her little boy that is no longer here. How she found the strength to fight for all the others in our state says a lot about the kind of lady she is. Happens all too often 😦

      • That is so terrible ..sometimes the courts and the legal systems don’t just ‘get it’ we have it here too, time and time again. Positions shouldn’t be held by Incompetent, uncaring people who don’t look into all the facts before they hand down judgments 😦

  5. This is so sad. We had a fellow apply for day parole this week who killed all three of his children in 2008 while mentally ill.The parole board denied his request. Thankfully. I cannot comprehend a parent killing a child.

  6. Your laws are much tougher over there than here. If the father would have survived he probably would have spent a few years in jail and out early in good behaviour. Thankfully in a way he is not in the system, to return out and do something as unquestionable again. Thanks Nelson.

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