Love Struck (Prose)


“Let’s talk,
just a moment”

index finger raised
forearm lean and tanned
chair scraped across linoleum
scuffed boots, legs stretched out
ankles crossed, frayed denim hems
western shirt crossed checks ~ red white
and emerald green, like his eyes
arms folded casual, across his chest

“now where were we?”

teeth as white as snow
hand brushes wavy hair that had fallen on his brow
three buttons undone, collarbone showing

“like a drink?”
he says,

Spanish accent a breath on my lips
no words escape my open mouth, eyes straight

another Elderberry wine
or was the first one enough?”

“perhaps it doesn’t agree with you, don’t fight it ~ others haven’t”

“ you look a little frightened, I can see it in your face,
tell me have you ever seen the movie Arsenic and Old Lace?”

©jmtacken Feb 26 2014



a nudge from Brian and a thank you.:-)

35 thoughts on “Love Struck (Prose)

  1. Ooooh, wait, vampire? No? Elderberry wine has something of the ancient in it. It left me a little breathless and searching for something elusive. Who is he? I
    I love it when you write like this. I certainly wanted more…
    Love u

    • Look up the movie darling, had Cary grant in it too 🙂 hmm who is he? Why did he pick her? I’m still waiting for my muse to return from her extended lunch break Jennavive shall be her name. 😉 maybe I can write and ending… Ponders… Thank you sweetpea, love you too xxx

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