I’m with you…always


I kiss both cheeks
Your forehead
Say I love you
Watch your eyes
They now have lost the sparkle
And speak more
Than your voice
The struggles through your life
Do they compare
With your life now?
The father, my father whose
Heart beats in time with mine
I hold back tears
Not allowing 
My sadness to be seen
I worship the man you are
The father you have been
Memories of games played
Laughter, strong arms
Words of advice
Always there, those smiling blue eyes
Gentle, self effacing
Never a harsh word
Always loved and adored
I hold your trembling hand
Listen as you whisper you are
A burden, a dill, useless
Words cannot describe my love, my
Admiration I have for you
You will not see me cry as we
Look into each other’s eyes
This I do alone
I kiss both cheeks
Your forehead
I say I love you

this will explain my sink or swim piece I recently wrote


30 thoughts on “I’m with you…always

  1. Oh you sweet daughter – I so feel your heart – so so beautiful! Bless you – and your dad! It is such a difficult thing to watch…. Love will carry you through.

  2. Its so hard when this happens Jen and they begin to disappear and they become sad in themselves that their body is failing them…..all we do is what you do hang in there with him, hold his hand just be there loving the man and dad he is…..

  3. Your father looks so kind and gentle hearted, Jen. ♡♡
    All of the words you used to describe him had me literally crying, Jen.
    I am not sure how I can express my feelings. Hope it is okay to try. . . Your Dad is a great man who always was there for you. Now, you are always for him. We play out our roles in the circle in Life, somewhat reluctantly when it comes to age and all of the wreckage of its ravages.
    By seeing their fading memory, we lose pieces of ourselves as we lose our parents, piece by piece. My Mom is my only parent left which makes her memory loss and declining body hard. We are blessed to still have them. I selfishly hope for her to “linger on,” the fact I just can’t let go yet crosses my mind. xo

    • Thank you darling. He is a very gentle man and kind hearted. He has always given his entire life, never letting his childhood or the War years affect his demeanour. I’m sorry I made you cry, but it warms my heart knowing that my words touched you so. Yes, we do lose them, piece by piece, and the roles are reversed. Us as the children now care for them the best we can. I think we all become selfish, not wanting them to leave us and I know when it’s Pop’s time, it will devastate me but I think also I will be relieved that he no longer has to struggle, or feel useless as he does now. His new journey will begin where I know he will be beside me, as your mum will be with you, smiling and holding our hands. You expressed your feelings, as you always do and I thank you for being such a kind and caring person. Love ❤️ xx

      • I like how you kiss him and look into your father’s eyes. His eyes and face radiate warmth, caring and love. ♡ What a nice man! Your poem resonated with me and reminded me of both parents, different forms of loss. Of course, my Mom’s changing but how quickly my Dad deteriorated from his cancer was a shock. With him, I was hopeful his new place would be pain-free. (Chemo took him only 4 months, start to finish.) xo

      • Thank you, you have described him well. I’m so sorry about your dad. He is pain free and watching over you. Sadly life must go through the full circle, some who start their new journey, reach spirit side before others…but then they relax and wait… ❤️❤️

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your beloved Pop. I love the photo. My heart is with you as you hold your feelings in a space only known to you as you watch over him. I thought of my darling dad, now gone 20 yrs, too young – the giggles, his sense of humor, who he was in this world and who he was to me – it never leaves you. Love you

    • Thank you so much lovely. Those moments when we look into each other’s with barely any space between us, I shall remember to the day I leave our earthy coil. Gentle hugs to you, thinking about your darling dad, yes gone too soon. The essence of him strong in your heart . Love you too, ❤️🌹

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