Sink or swim


The stream holds a feather
Fallen from a bird in flight it floats
Her barbs paw gently on the surface
Holding the water that envelops
Watch it as it dips and wanes
Yet she doesn’t fall to the rocks below
Steadfast through the currents, strong again
Light, weightless

A stone we cast, heavy
Will not float
Throw it in
It will drown each time
Most times I am the feather
Buoyant, resilient
Barbs untouched
Not allowing myself to sink
Then there are times
I am that stone

Also for – writing on our emotions

50 thoughts on “Sink or swim

  1. So beautifully crafted my lovely. Poignant yet revealing. The words “buoyant, resilient, Barbs untouched” spoke to me the most. When you write your truth, your life, your observations, they teach me a thing or two about who I am. Keep writing as often as you can.

    • The reader in you encourages the writer in me. I think the majority of what I write is from life experiences, If they can teach (in a good way) that brings me joy. Thank you for your kindness and I shall try my sweet. I hope you & the family are well. xxxx

  2. Like Grace, I like the idea that sometimes one might be the feather, and sometimes the stone. I think it speaks to the idea that nothing is fixed….opinions should / do change. Life is fluid indeed.

  3. A very imaginative piece, metaphorically & emotionally. It looks nice on the page too. I like to move my words & sentences around to create a visual cue as well. What I liked most about it is that the feather & the stone can switch roles; sometimes the feather is lightweight, will-of-the-wisp, & what’s needed is the solid heft of the stone, always the rock; but the converse would be when the situation is tenuous, & the rock will rupture the thin skin, so that the feather will glide in & save the day.

    • Thank you Glenn for reading and your insightful words. Yes, both sides of the spectrum in the circumstances you have mentioned. I particularly like your reference of the rock rupturing the skin. Appreciate your feedback.

  4. I was sad I didn’t see this yesterday and now closing in on the 25th. . . . .
    Anyway, from the poem itself I found so much to cherish. I would like to float like a feather also, skimming upon the water. It would feel grand being “light as a feather.” Having a bird’s name, I liked this part of a bird’s special parts that allow him to fly, also.
    I do feel burdened at times, rocks in hand or on shoulders. My brother wishing I would quit my job and move north, 3 hours from my grown children and little ones, too. It may take another ten years until my Mom passes, which I would love to visit monthly and over vacations. I will not go on about my problems.
    I hope your Dad is okay. Maybe, just frustrated about his hands and body changing. He is usually so easy going and your Mum is the challenging one! 🙂 You and family are in my prayers, Jen. ♡♡

    • It does not matter which day you read, I’m happy that you do. I hear what your saying about family and being apart and how these things weigh heavy on your mind. The times when the rock as you say is on your shoulders. I hope that you become a feather soon too. Yes Pop is going through a very hard time and not liking as anyone wouldn’t. You are right mum wasnrhenxhwllenging one, but now Pop in other ways. Thank you for having them in your prayers lovely. ❤️

  5. Star of Sky
    Sun of home
    Spirals now with
    Milky way ’round
    a black Hole Sun
    that keeps us in spiraling
    way as Earth of hear.. we
    too are Universe.. and Earth..
    and SpiraLinG Galaxy of home..
    vehicles and vessels in
    fractal home
    of all are we..
    and when
    we spiral
    move.. we
    too can become

  6. I’m tired of being the stone. Though I am quite a colorfully painted stone! But I feel I can’t remember when I’d been the feather. It would be a welcome change. Thanks for the read! Really made me think.

    • A feather in its own way can be stronger, I hope you can become one. Stones even colourful can wear us down eventually . Thank you for reading, appreciated and I hope I have been able to give you thoughts of a good change. Smiles.

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