Is it wrong to be a little excited when you manage to change the look of your site?

Sad but true my followers.

I feel like I’m the Shepherd talking to his flock.

When in actual  fact I think I have 9 followers. Believe me that is just as exciting as having 9 million – I mean how would one reply to so many people when they post a comment about what you have written – you would have to spend your life sitting at the computer.

As I have mainly written and not ‘prettied’  up my site, for me to actually sit here & randomly (as my previous blog fact is that what it is called?) Display Name/User Name I sadly have no clue about half the things I do on here. Should I though? Does it make any difference in the grand scheme of things? I was “random ramblings from a mum”, &  then because of some  word press glitch my replies came back as random ramblings from a muny. I ask you what is a muny? Apart from being portrayed as the village idiot who couldn’t spell, I now have abbreviated, but I digress, fluffy clouds now surround my words & actual categories & links to my posts & the like are on the side of the page – makes it a tad more interesting (I hope) to those that venture into my site.

So when you open up your email (my followers) & read this fairly nonsensical post all I ask is that you wont tut-tut or shake your head as it is fairly much ‘a do’ about nothing, & for that I apologise. 🙂

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