Body Parts – Prose

two arms
that I can wrap around you
like creeping vines
anchoring on the forest trees

two legs
I use to walk with and beside you
but never behind you
for we are equal

two ears
to hear your voice, the whispered words
your laugh that cracks the deepest
of silences

two eyes
that see the man you are
the good, the kind
the rock I need at times

two hands
entwining with yours
I can touch you, feel your skin
warm you when you’re cold

one nose
the smell of you after a hard days work
to smell your scent, fresh from
the shower and the aftershave you wear

one mouth
with this I say I love you
kiss your bottom lip
let’s me smile at what you say

two feet
to walk, step by step my life
with you, one foot at a time
one journey after another

one brain that let’s me know
how lucky I am
to know you, to love you
to have you in my life

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