here and now- The Daintree for DVerse

I apologise if I can't get the link to work 😦 connection and this new toy of mine are not wanting to co-operate. 😦  

open fig trees bent boughs roots entangled octopus arms submerge into mangrove mud as lizards run tails quivering dancing in the 1960's memories of

tree snakes slithering hide and seek – coiling under cranberry coloured leaves whilst crocodiles drift sleepily eyes popped over gentle waves

stretched legs along the boardwalk rainforest canopy umbrellas protecting insect frenzy, back legs rubbing and darting fish confused swimming upstream

country town atmosphere; slow pace coffee to go; window shop along the river bank – no city pace friendly waves "good morning"

with the lapping of the Daintree, catch the tourist boats shuttling visitors back and fro – sugar cane dances on the breeze hawks circle for the cut spying

mouse or unsuspecting rabbit as their prey – mountains soar to touch the clouds; could I write this in a darkened room nay the visuals are what I had today ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I apologise Joe if this is not in keeping with the Theme for this week, but I'm holidaying and not staying indoors. This was my day and I wanted to share.
The structure even went askew…I'm giving up …goodnight…adieu.

21 thoughts on “here and now- The Daintree for DVerse

  1. Beautiful place the Daintree RM. You are showing your age with this going to bed so early!! Then again on any ordinary day I’m thinking the same.

  2. All good till I got to the tree snakes! Lol

    Hope your having a fabulous time! Don’t forget to have a blurbing or 2 for me! πŸ™‚

    Nite, Mumsy! Love to you. Paula xxx

  3. dont you love those places that have that country town atmosphere…where life seems so unrushed…and sometimes i wonder what they know that we dont…how they got there…and i understand not wanting to sit indoors, but being out among it…

  4. will eagerly await details of where you went in Daintree,on a boat,up the river maybe? did the bush canopy walk? blue snakes or green? and if you were in Daintree Village how cute is it? lol talk later …no need to reply Jenny keep relaxing xxx

    • Hi darling,yes up the river on a boat then went for walks,then to the ice-cream factory..all is good with replying my lovely πŸ™‚ xxx The village is cute that’s where all the lay-back folk were πŸ™‚

  5. I really liked the glimpse of your day. Glad that in your comments you explained about Daintree Forest. It helped me picture!! Enjoy your holiday. I understand about iPads. Excellent, but on occasion can be a bit frustrating to deal with as well. So many times I ‘lose’ comments when I do them on the iPad and have to redo!!

  6. I love the description and quite glad you took yourself outdoors. the world has so much to offerβ€”being cooped up in a room can stunt the flavor sometimes. lovely.

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