The blueness of your eyes carries me
To the ocean
Where I float above the undercurrent
Your laughter
Takes me to the mountain tops
Without a fear of falling
Your strength
Supports me when I feel that I may fail
Your caress
Settles me when I’m afraid
We didn’t know before hand
How two lost souls could join as one
Of all the people whose paths
May never cross, ours did
Like the grasses that blow in the
direction of the wind
We were blades it seems
That always grew side by side

Havin a chat – Part 3 Bums and Tums

Are you ready? Of course you are ~ its Part 3!

Thank you to those who have read 1 & 2 and for your honesty and sense of humour.

Again I lay myself bare, or possibly not as I would all like you to get through your day without feeling queezy.

So as you may recall boys and girls we are talking bums and tums.

I did have for many years a tummy bulge, but not where one would think. My bulge was more on the top part of my tummy, around my ribs. I remember as a self conscious teenager always folding my arms in front of me. Around 20 years ago I decided I wanted a flat tummy, by hook or by crook and as I have written previously (In a really early post) I had a tummy tuck. I can go into all the details of how it went, if anyone is REALLY interested, but it may make you ūüėīūüėī let’s just say it worked for many years, I wore tighter skirts and pants, without having to wear looser tops to cover and my skin didn’t squeeze up and over like a tube of toothpaste.

Sadly over the last few years, even though I was a gym junkie for 3 of those years going 6 times per week, I’ve been slack. We all get slack and as a result my tummy now is.

As with the legs, the skin is losing its tone, firmness and looking decidedly more floppy. ūüė©

Now as far as the bum is concerned, the dint that I had on my right cheek (that I mentioned in # 2) was ‘fixed’ during the tummy tuck, by flipping me over (sooo happy I wasn’t awake for this process) and filling it, again I could go into details of how but againūüėīūüėī and because I still walk, I guess my derri√®re is reasonable for my age, in fact many say I don’t have one, but jeans cover a multitude of sins.

Speaking of jeans, half the battle to disguise your battle of the bulge is in the fit. Too low the toothpaste sits on the top, mid waist, you’re squashing the toothpaste in half, high rise well the toothpaste is now under your boobs. ūüėü

So thanks for reading and your next instalment will be hands and arms, leaving of course the best till last the neck and face!

Havin a chat – Legs – Chapter 2

So here I am again. I do hope for the whole 11 readers of Chapter 1 that I didn’t shock you too much.

Today students we move on from feet to legs. Let me show you an example (as I did with the feet in chapter 1). The below BELIEVE IT NOT we’re how my legs looked.


Now at the age of 60 ..not so much.

Naturally skin has thinned, think about tissue paper and you’ll get the idea. One slight knock, no matter how small or light will more than likely cause a bruise. I think of pops hands and how bruised they are… That can be my legs. Sooooo I am very careful walking around furniture, stepping out of the shower, or doing anything where I may knock myself.

Then of course we have the gravity issue, what normally was up sadly must go down. When I taught aerobics many moons ago, my thighs actually didn’t meet…you know where. I thought I was the ants pants, as that was THE look. Now after hibernating for winter, comfort eating, this little wombats thighs have reintroduced themselves. To be honest though they have been that way for a while now and they have decided to take the plunge southward.

Again I SIGH.

Next are the knee caps, same deal, skin that once was taut, now folds over, similar to my bottom lip when I look at them.

The final part of this ever enthralling chapter is hair. Oh yes the bane of all women. When I was younger out came the soap ( yes soap because back then I believed shaving cream was just for men) even though I was shaving…derr. Gradually I learnt women can also use shaving cream or gel and I was quietly thrilled.

After many years of shaving, I decided to try waxing. Buying wax strips, or pots of wax that was microwave heated, the pain and mess would begin. Wipe on..wipe off. Too complicated, too fiddly…NEXT?!

Out came the¬†Eepilady. A small little electrical unit, that has quite a few inbuilt tweezers. Now at first go, it feels as it sounds, lots of little tweezers pulling out the hair by the roots. After the initial swearing it isn’t that bad. From bikini line (there’s LOTS of swearing and face pulling there) to the ankles, I zip away. The good thing about this form of hair removal is that the hair grows sparser and comes through finer, so after years of ¬†subjecting myself to the agony, I don’t wear the mohair stockings, nor do I have to contemplate the lawnmower.

Speaking of stockings, if only I could wear them every day, as they work wonders keeping all the wobbly bits in place. Thankfully, I only have a few small veins, but nothing too worrying, something has to go right…right?

Now I’m not quite sure if the bum should be in this chapter, or the next, I don’t have a lot to tell about my¬†derriere. It’s probably the same as most, though many years back when I was painting our kitchen ceiling and standing on a stool, I missed my footing to get to the bench and fell fair square on my right cheek (bottom that is) . This resulted in a huge bruise and weirdly enough after time a dint, think moon crater.

Thankfully I was able to get this fixed down the track. That will be in my next chapter, ¬†I have to keep you in suspense and wanting more….somehow.

Keep on loofering ladies !

Summer Rain (Poetry)


summer rain… drops

splashing on the pane

touch leaves outside my window

candy floss popcorn

soak in the ground, giving life

filling thirst

in the wee small hours

can you hear ~ listen

close off your world

to the beauty in the beat

constant, melodious ~ tinkling of the keys

hear the drum

ashen bricks turn silver

colours brought to life

rejoice ~ dance in the


©jmtacken Dec 2013

For http://dversepoets.com/ and OLN Рplease come over, read the writers, join in and see amazing talent.

Photo Credit: http://www.pinterest.com

I did think of this last night at about 2am, however I was too tired to write, sadly I awoke this morning and lost most of it, I hope this will suffice.

Like it was yesterday (Prose)

Grace,ethereal & dream were 3 words kindly given to me by http://whocouldknowthen.wordpress.com

Thank you and I hope you enjoy.   Please listen to the music as you read.

with grace she enters from the dressing room
captivating those that turn,  their lipstick stained glasses
held in hand and some gentlemen who sit on couches
sideways glance to hold her beauty in their eyes


too ethereal for this world, angelically she softly glides
and takes her place in front of the mirror that can’t
reflect the beauty she holds inside
satin shoes,  dress of lace that waterfalls
around her feet

her dream,  on the verge of being fulfilled
my dream ~ her happiness and I wonder does she notice
the tears that well,  the inner glow of love I simply feel
watching as she turns and almost pirouettes
across the floor

a young girl now grown
a life to live away from home
my eyes soak in her beauty ~ yet there is a sadness
as her new life begins,  away from sheltered arms that
held her close,  wiped her tears,  raised her through the years

words that even now are hard to write
though it’s been some time since that day
my baby,  my first born child,  the dress that fitted
like a glove,  the tears of joy that trickled down her
porcelain skin

this memory will remain with me of how I felt
back then ~ the picture in my mind I shall
take that to my grave and in these moments
the years flow past my eyes ~ her first steps
her first words, her engaging smile

this elegant young woman
with a smile as wide as a crescent moon
before a veil is placed to complete the look
and as she turns to me
I see the utter joy across her face

her gown,  this day,  she is ready
she has chosen what she is to wear
her happiness impossible to hide
and I smile a reassuring smile‚Ķ a mother to daughter’s love
a mothers’ pride ~ just the way you are

For any mother or perhaps father seeing their daughter in her wedding dress for the first time.




Don’t grow up (Prose)


Photo credit:    feminactivedivas.wordpress.com

how old do you wish to be
patiently you sit, make up artist at your side
brushes in hand, her mind elsewhere as she turns
your lips to hooker red and accentuates your eyes

hair in a chignon, split dress to show a thigh
heels that hang off baby feet ~ that are yet to grow
allure, seductive poses, do NOT indulge the pedophile
who scours the internet searching for his prey
as he sits and dribbles, smearing blood red lips away

with every stroke, with every pose, the click of the lens
turn this way, pout your lips, cross your legs


is it for recognition,¬†the fuss that’s made
or are parents pushing in the wings for the

riches offering , as you surrender childhood
not understanding what this means
in time you will grow old, my lovely child
wrinkles under eyes, on cheeks, on hands
but for now hold on to that young girl
and the skipping rope, while you can

this is not the attention that you seek
Please grow old with grace ~ for a childhood young
and innocent, can never be replaced

©jmtacken Sep 2013

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an angel was sent


I wrote this from a males perspective (for a change).
Andrea Bocelli is one of my favourites.
These are not his words to this song but mine.

Please listen to the music as you read.


I walked the path of lost and travelled far
till I reached the sands
and drew your heart shape in the grains
etched strong and deep, I found my place in you
your love sailed to me on tumbling waves
and anchored to my soul
you are all I see
how your charm has captured me
my life, this life that can't be lived
without you now, or the days to follow
your voice soft
floats as music to my ears
with smiling lips
you have seduced my every atom
diamonds draped around porcelain skin hold no sparkle to your eyes
flowing dress, frangipani in your hair, an angel sent
hold my hand, across the sands, walk with me to the sunset and beyond

here and now- The Daintree for DVerse


I apologise if I can't get the link to work ūüė¶ connection and this new toy of mine are not wanting to co-operate. ūüė¶ ¬†

open fig trees bent boughs roots entangled octopus arms submerge into mangrove mud as lizards run tails quivering dancing in the 1960's memories of

tree snakes slithering hide and seek – coiling under cranberry coloured leaves whilst crocodiles drift sleepily eyes popped over gentle waves

stretched legs along the boardwalk rainforest canopy umbrellas protecting insect frenzy, back legs rubbing and darting fish confused swimming upstream

country town atmosphere; slow pace coffee to go; window shop along the river bank – no city pace friendly waves "good morning"

with the lapping of the Daintree, catch the tourist boats shuttling visitors back and fro – sugar cane dances on the breeze hawks circle for the cut spying

mouse or unsuspecting rabbit as their prey – mountains soar to touch the clouds; could I write this in a darkened room nay the visuals are what I had today ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I apologise Joe if this is not in keeping with the Theme for this week, but I'm holidaying and not staying indoors. This was my day and I wanted to share.
The structure even went askew…I'm giving up …goodnight…adieu.

Feather light and lace – Prose romance


Feather light lace ~ you know not
that I watch breathless, as you ascend
the stairs, angel alighting heaven bound
graceful in your heart;  graceful in step
I watch you floating and am reminded of a
thousand violins playing on a summers eve

layers that you hold,  reflect layers of yourself
angelically you climb one by one, your doubt
and indecision held within your breast, tell me
can I comfort you and say that you’ll be safe
oh, how I wish my arms around you to
allay the fears you have

feather light lace ~ your confusion it is
warranted for one heart should only love one
other and you have captured mine, I pray
that you look back and notice me
for I’m the one you swore to love
my heart seduced and stolen

my sobs are left unheard as if they never
were, pray keep the thoughts of us within you
know that I would please you, more than what
another could; choose and choose you must
but none does think you fairer; none would
lay their life as I, for feather light and lace


I shall try and put in the title what I am writing about, so everyone has the chance to not read if it isn’t ‘their thing’.


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A journey not yet taken


photo source

and I
on bended knee
in solitary repose
arm outstretched as if in
the visions floating
in my head
imagination perhaps
…..a dream
in blackened chiffon dress
collecting thoughts
indeed I tried to
make some sense
I pictured modern angels
who danced
a rhythm of
their own
perched mid air
enraptured by the
beam of light
with poise and grace
and arms outstretched
…..as mine
bellowed sleeves for wings
they hung above my head
was it from
a dance in life
or a dance
after their
yet I felt
no fear or anxiety
for their faces held
…..no pain
I heard whispers
merely ethereal souls
on our
journey from
…..earth plain


Flight of Fancy

From VisDare another amazing photo to get our creative juices. 150 words or less. 74 words.