Her eyes no longer red and raw

her hair fell across her face

a curtain of privacy

till he held her hands

a streak of lightning broke the spell

she drew herself up

like a wilted flower grasping at the sun

holding her face in his hands

he tasted the doubt on her tongue

pain on the roof of her mouth

before she gave in

shaking off the past

like raindrops off umbrellas


copyright J Tacken 24.3.2015



31 thoughts on “Renewed

  1. It was simply marvelous, Jen! this made me shake off so many different little gloomy thoughts and helped me to wish for the rain to fall, with no cold weather, just buds and blossoms to be blooming inside myself. This is always romantic, when someone tastes or feels our pain, too.

  2. Oh love this one Jen. There is something about a streak of lightening. It sounds sort of crazy but I loved the sudden-ness of it. Does that make sense? A miracle of the Earth perhaps, that sense of something greater lies beyond what we know. So many different interpretations of your beautiful composition – it makes me feel happy to see you write such lyrical words. Lovely.

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