Transparent teardrop that trickles down thy cheek

followed by another,  if you could

what would you speak?


Transparent teardrop trickles down thy face

followed by another its path

it tries to trace


Could you tell me why you fall

upon skin so young and fair?

droplets of silent emotion

is there too much pain to bear?


Or perhaps that it is laughter

that brings you upon fair cheek

laughter welled from inside

it is from happiness you peek?


We can look upon the face for signs

as to the reason you have come

so transparent teardrop

are you here from a smile or a frown?


We cannot read you, we only see you flow

are you here from pain or joy

the answer we do not know


Written whilst sitting in my car at lunch-time.

17 thoughts on “Tears

  1. If I could speak
    I would speak of your joys…..
    timeless moments
    wrapped in the esctacy of your beloved…..

    If I could speak
    I would speak of your sorrows……
    of moments in time when
    no others were there…..

    The path I trace
    down that silken face
    is merely the journey
    of your heart
    and of your soul…….

    I hope you don’t mind but your words inspired my words……
    beautiful poem that you wrote……

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