Dedicated to Paula (depressionexists) on WordPress.

I am dedicating this post and giving a very warm smile and a huge amount of love and appreciation to :-

Paula – or as I call her – Paulama (because she owns 2 beautiful Llamas) she is also know to me as Sugar-Plum, Honey-Pie (and possibly many more names that I have come up with since conversing with her!)

This woman who is a ‘Virtual’ friend did something amazing in my eyes, tonight.

She dedicated an entire post to me and also to my book…

This is a friendship that has evolved and hasn’t been judged based on looks, how a person has spent their life, or what a person may suffer, no intolerance, no discrimination.

We have never met, like thousands of others who are in contact with each other on a daily basis on WP.  This is a friendship with a remarkable woman that has grown simply from starting a blog on WordPress.

This “Co-operative” as it were that brings so many people together from every corner of our planet, for one sole purpose…

Those of us who want to share our lives in the public forum, those of us that feel we have something we can give. Whether it is the ability to make someone laugh, or perhaps generate emotions that makes them shed a quiet tear. People who are suffering from depression as Paula does, whose posts are nothing short of amazing. Supporting, offering advice and simply being there to lend a hand to someone in need.

There are others with brilliant photography, living in relationships that they aren’t happy with, every day ups and downs of being a mum, parents, singles, students. People with musical interests, painting, political, poets, writers, the list is as varied as it is endless with so many extremely talented people contributing.

None of these voices would be heard if it wasn’t for sites like WP to make it possible.

We come together as one group,  hoping that we can, in our own small corner of the world, be able to contribute, a ‘communication’ that will hopefully make someone else’s day complete in what we write or show. Will it have a significant effect on the world we live in, possibly not, does it mean a great deal to each and every one of us who ‘blog’  – most definitely.

The site name speaks for itself, we are pressing words out sharing our lives, our talents, our thoughts with anyone who will read.

I am humbled by the followers I have and I thank them all, never realising for one moment when starting my blogging adventure, that I would also be making friendships along the way.

So I thank Paula from the bottom of my heart, for the incredibly beautiful words she wrote about me and spending her valuable time in dedicating her post to me.

If you don’t follow – please do – she writes with humour and great warmth and sage advice for those that may require some help.

She doesn’t pretend to be Doctor or Psychologist she is simply someone who tells her life story in the hope that she may help others.

This is what WP has enabled us to do – to reach out to others. I for one am grateful and loving the experience more and more every day.

So thank you once more Paula – for such an unselfish and amazingly kind act.


12 thoughts on “Dedicated to Paula (depressionexists) on WordPress.

  1. Okay, I’ve done the wifely duties cooked dinner and returned to our community/family! 🙂
    Thank you Mumsy!! How lucky was I the day you hit my like button. You and Katiekins are 2 wonderful human beings! I also take a bow to word press!! Night, Mumsy!! Hugs from me to you. :)…………….Paula xxxxx

  2. I definitely wouldn’t have expected having the followers I do. In fact, I blogged for almost a year before coming to WP – I’ve only been here since last August – and I had like two followers there. Including myself. So pretty much everything has happened in the last five months or so. Lots of blogger pals. For someone who was scared to show her work to more than one or two people before, I’ve come a long way!

    Great post. 😀

    • I laughed when you said followers including yourself! You are such a dag (Aussie terminology for a character!) You have come a long way and should be proud, you have a good site , it really is inspiring and amazing and thank you Ms Alice 🙂

    • THANK YOU – I just read and commented – you are such a darling – I thank you!!! Let’s start more of this support for one another, we don’t need Awards just a simply line or two now and then in our posts about others. I’m a Hoot Hoot!!! 🙂 xxoo

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