Long Weekend

Friday night after work Mr. S and I drove just over 3.5 hours to Lakes Entrance (well 20 minutes drive from).
We have just had a long weekend here and I want to thank those of you who enquired as to where I had been or if I was safe (because of the storms and flooding in Queensland) I am fine (we are fine) the floods are about 4,000kms away, but it was sweet nonetheless to show concern for my safety… so let me say thank you.
Batteries have been re-charged. The weather wasn’t the greatest (even though we are in Summer) but just to visit a beautiful spot, over looking the water, to do as we pleased with friends of ours was so relaxing and enjoyable. Β We arrived 10pm, the other couple had been there for a few hours already, so we were greeted with an open bottle of wine, sat on the deck (with a blanket wrapped around me) as it was a little chilly and talked and laughed till bedtime. Then a severe thunderstorm hit at about 5am with massive hailstones…did I mention it is Summer? Β I did take a photo but for some reason I cannot find it now 😦 The thunder and lightening struck and sleep was non existant. We awoke at 6 to survey any damage and just stood on the deck watching the water in front of us and the grey clouds, then all crawled back to bed for a couple of hours. The owners of the property had bird-seed, little did we know that regular as clock work about 10-15 Rosellas would descend for breakfast! We went fishing, we saw an echidna, a deer, a wombat, a possum. The boys played golf whilst us girls shared a bottle of wine and talked..and talked..and talked. We went out for dinners, lunch, the only housework was washing a few dishes and sweeping the floor when we left…ahhh ..that is a holiday πŸ™‚

Half of what I had written vanished…but instead of writing it all again, believe me that we had a wonderful time…just a few days is all that is required, for friendships to be solidified, for laughter to abound and relaxation to pass through one’s body…yes and work tomorrow… 😦

2013-01-27 12.17.27

The view from our Deck

The view from our Deck

Rosellas feeding

Rosellas feeding

24 thoughts on “Long Weekend

  1. What a great little getaway! You and Mr. S are always doing such fun stuff! I can’t believe you had 10-15 Rosellas come on the deck! They are so beautiful! I’ve never heard of them before! They look like something from a jungle!

    • Well we could have almost been in one Mel lol surrounded by trees – but yes they are delightful little ones and feeding them by hand was too cute! We try and get away when we can to break up the work week, so stay tuned…if I can work out how WP can hold my photos for more than a week 😦 xxx

  2. Aww Mumsy, so glad you re- charged. Belated Happy Australia Day, how beautiful you are feeding the Rosellas. My girls had no idea what I was talking about or how truly beautiful they are until our trip to Brissy and a few landed on their heads while we fed them πŸ™‚
    When I didn’t see a post from you, I thought you might have gone away, all my family and friends had something going on. I missed you, welcome back, catching up with friends, relaxing with good food and wine is truly the best. Hugging you…

    • Thank you sweetness. I felt guilt not putting a post saying I was away – how silly is that! It’s nice to veg out for a few days – no matter how far from home one goes. I missed you too precious – one day you will come over here and we can organise a Virtual Gathering πŸ™‚ xxx *hugss*

    • Goodness why thank you for visiting – you don’t normally read my ‘normal’ posts so I am flattered…as far as your last line… grrrr πŸ˜‰ I missed ya PB…honest I did…
      As I said the photos won’t stay and I am hoping to get it sorted… sooner rather than later!

  3. I know it is summer there, but looking at the photos and knowing you were there, during summer as we have winter storms blow through, it is just a bit surreal.

    I am glad your batteries are charged that is important. πŸ™‚

    now the next time you are just going to go off and leave us hanging, you must first apply to wordpress for vacation time. sheish. *rolls my eyes* all forms must first be filled out and filed properly. πŸ˜‰

    *hugs and giggles*

    • Oh gorgeous you made me giggle. I did feel guilty that I didn’t let people know, especially when quite a few of you are far away from Australia and see the storms and flooding, then I don’t appear for a few days…. makes me warm and fuzzy that I was missed and that you and my other BFF’s πŸ˜‰ were concerned about me…so Thank you and forms will be filled in next time..I promise πŸ™‚ xx

  4. Yahhh that you had a great getaway. And now I know what inspired that wine poem haha.

    As for the birds .. omg they are wonderful colourful. I have never heard of them…wait..let me google.

    Ok..back…they are a type of parrot it says. Wow…15!!!

    But what kind of places to you go to for dinner?!?!?

    • My photos will disappear again – as the other weeks have 😦 Have again contacted support at WP, so frustrated with this happening :-(.
      We had a BBQ at the property on Saturday night.
      Sunday night we went for dinner at the Metung Hotel, where they had a live band and we sat outside, it was lovely. Sitting next to the water, watching black swans and pelicans. During the day we stopped off at bakeries for lunch.
      Thank you for Googling – I love how you get so involved in posts and your responses, shows me that you read and are interested and that is simply..well..delightful! xxx:-)

      PS I had to approve your comment?

      • Black swans?!?!? Really? I did not know they acutally existed (except in ballets and movies!)

        As to your pics disappearing?!?!?!? What? I have gone back and looked to see…and they loook like they have been holding. ARrrggh…that is soooooo frustrating.

        Approving comments. I have no idea what is going on…at times when I comment, I see that too…and sometimes it makes me fill out my name and email, etc. I am not sure why…not just on your blog post though…others too. Did you have to approve this one?

        Ohh…I took a look at the Metung website…it looks a lovely place from the photos (the room photos were sparse, but the outside…water, water,everywhere!) … and I took a look at the food menu…it was written on a chalkboard…what the heck is ‘Gummy Shark’?!?!?! lol

  5. Love your ‘in -depth’ reply once again lovely πŸ™‚ No the photos are going – I have contacted WP and await a reply…. if anyone knows why – PLEASE HELP!!!!
    Yes black swans are in Australia and also in the ballet.
    Didn’t have to approve this one πŸ™‚
    How cute are you looking up Metung…yes Menus are written on chalkboards sometimes, especially when they change the menu a lot – saves them cost on printing them out.
    Gummy Shark – is a Shark…lol you didn’t Google???
    I love Shark – when we have fish and chips over here I have shark or ‘flake’ as it is called…. delicious (and well we have quite a few of them over here). Rather eat one than BE eaten by one xxxxx

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