Friday Fictioneers My dad and I

Genre: Literary Fiction Word Count: 100 Brought to us by FRIDAY FICTIONEERS

The photo prompt this week comes courtesy of Jennifer Pendegast.s6001144

His head shook slightly, his trembling hands reaching out to hold mine.

They stilled.

“I know I don’t have that long, my body grows weaker by the day, you have seen me struggle even to walk”.

“I remember running in the snow, or up flights of stairs, a young boy then, when I could hold a knife and fork without shaking when I ate, now ..I’m too embarrassed to eat in public”.

“You are my only daughter, my ginger, when I go, you will look after mum…promise me?”

I cry.

“Pop…with all the love in my heart…I promise you”.


For Friday Fictioneers and for my father who calls me ‘Ginger’ though I am not a red-head – the most amazing man in this world.

Excuse the completely different way I looked at the ‘Stairs’.  I immediately thought of how my father is battling to walk right now and the staircase was a reminder to me of his struggles.

59 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers My dad and I

  1. You did well in the way you interpreted the picture. I saw the connection without having to read the explanation. A very sweet story and you set a great scene.

  2. Thanks for sharing a little slice of your life with us. I understand how this would bring to mind your dad and his efforts to walk. Hope he’s around a long time yet to share love with you.


  3. Very heavy story, very sad but mustn’t be…the ‘Ginger’ nickname really works, that’s what brings the lump to the throat. Am a father y’see, with 3 daughters…

    • Thank you so much pirate, he has called me Ginger for ever and he doesn’t even know why. A true tale that I live with at the moment. Hug your girls, you seem a caring dad, I appreciate your words.

  4. Dear One, never apologize! This was good – no GREAT! Having had to learn how to walk again, I totally identify with this story on sooo many levels. That you love your Father is also very evident. This story made me want to cry… good tears, sad tears, loving tears! Job well Done, Dear!

  5. A touching story for sure..I did notice a couple of space issues where your space bar must have stuck on you “Pop with” is one word and there is another in that line…But overall I enjoyed your non-fictioneer story…I did the same thing this week, nothing made up about my story.


      • Well you have me beat because I noticed a space-bar issue in my comment….It sort of came out of nowhere so I didn’t read it as something being done on purpose..Knowing your intent, sure it works but the reader normally would not have that luxury.


  6. thanks for sharing such a touching story. It’s funny how nicknames arise and stick out affection. Though I am active ( cycling ) since a hip replacement I cannot run – and sometimes I dream I am running. These lovely words took me to that memory.

    Best of luck to you and your dad.

    • How lovely for you to say what you did, connection between writers and readers and fellow writers brings me joy, comfort. You can run in your dreams and that too is just as important. 🙂 Thank you so much.

  7. Dear Rambly,

    You captured the heartache of growing old in your story. The only thing the young can do besides watch and give what comfort they are able to is to promise, when asked.

    I was moved by your words.



  8. Tom, yes I did notice your …. in your comments, hopefully the readers understand why they are placed. If not …life is too short to fret about misplaced ‘dots’ don’t you think? 🙂

    • Thank you Elmo for visiting and your lovely thoughts – for a man that spent most of his life working and being on the computer and also reading books, sadly now he doesn’t read as he use to. 😦

    • All I can say JW is too please try and spend more time with him. It is heartbreaking watching them like this, their lives not the same. Support and love is all we can offer. I know they relish the visits that I do, thankfully they are only a short distance from me, so I can visit often. Appreciated your thoughtfulness and visit to my site.

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