Do we strive to conquer our doubts, what do we need as individuals to make us feel worthy?

Do we rely on our talent, our jobs, our relationships, our friends, our family? Do these ‘things’ make us impregnable to hurt or injustice or questioning ourselves?

Step back, ponder for a moment, if we need too?

Can’t we simply be content or are there ‘pieces’ we feel the need to trounce to accomplish happiness and fulfilment.

Standing on a mountain, hands raised to the skies like a ‘Rocky’ Movie, surely we long for something… but do we have an answer as to what and when, if ever, will we be sate?

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Five Sentence Fiction


15 thoughts on “Rocky

  1. I think we can be content … as you say. But also … we are human, and we strive and want and need as well. Often, our work … our family … our friends … and yes, sometimes even things we possess help to define us.

    Is that bad? *shrugs* Who is to say. But, if in the end, there is more good than bad, perhaps that is all that matter.

    By the way … when I say they help to define us …. I mean just that … they are ‘parts’ of us. They are NOT us.

    I know what your next post contains … so I give you a hug here now as well. Work may help define who we are … and when it is gone, we might feel empty … or that there is less worth. But … there is MORE to us Mumsy. Just keep telling that to yourself ok … because it is true.

    • Yes your words are true they help to ‘define’ who we are, outside influences can only make us ‘react’. I wrote this last night when I was at my lowest ebb, today I am in shock still, mixed emotions – happiness to be out of there, sadness about losing my friend and some stupidity for not keeping my mouth shut. Thank you for your hug and your lovely thoughts angel, xxx

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