Perfection Prose or Pose


I am taking a different path with this photo and not continuing with my version of the Blind Sight theme this week. I hope you enjoy – open as always for critique.

Red hair braided conceals flaws
untidy wisps curl 
to softly fall
upon her cheek
highlighted with blonde
nestles amongst the
colouring from birth
pale translucent skin not a blemish
or freckle have left their mark
blue the colour worn to compliment
is she perfection
head held high
or this pristine weave merely
a disguise 
her face not turned to
show us does she smile or
does she cry
the perfect her the perfect braid
what indeed would we see…..
should she ever pass by



17 thoughts on “Perfection Prose or Pose

  1. I liked the idea that braided here conceals flaws. When my hair is long enough and it’s not cooperating, that’s exactly what I do wit it! The last line was beautiful as well, writing about what is not there.

  2. All I could think about while reading this was Anne of Green Gables. I will no doubt have to watch then entire series now – to stop thinking about her.. lol

    It’s one of my favorites – just as well.. lol

    Beautifully written!


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