Gather Strength My 390th Post


Life can be captured
in waves responding to the moon
forward retract never
remaining still

pulled in directions
uncertain of the end
to reach the sandy shoreline
or backwards into doubt

storms that pass along the way
give us courage from within
as the current to the wave
it builds ..self confidence

almighty seas I take your
strength to ride the waves
of life, pass to me your secrets
that I may stand the test of tides

photo credits: Miriam E an extremely talented writer and I have both written a piece on the above pic, to see how our minds worked, to see what thoughts us as individuals, could concoct.
Please visit her and see hers titled Wild Horses

16 thoughts on “Gather Strength My 390th Post

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  2. I LOVE this. Your words speak to me…
    We all have seasons we go through. Much of the time we are uncertain and stumbling along. But these experiences do build self confidence and hopefully make us a little wiser.

    • aww Beck I am so glad it spoke to you, it was a spur of the moment decision to writ something when Miriam found the photo.Think we both finished within 7 minutes, minds, racing in different directions. Her on one side of the seas and I on the other. I like that you said we all have seasons to go through, how true and how writable is that line? 😉 xxx

    • I had to look twice…is it..could it be…. then I saw the email address, hello my darling and thank you for being so gracious.
      Be warned there a posts- a -plenty 😉 (It was great chatting yesterday- see you Wednesday) xxx

    • You have read me then… thank you Lyn – one day I am fine, the next I am not… Thank you for your kind words and the Congrats too, by mid next week it will be my 400th…that seems so very many doesn’t it. xxx

    • Thank you gorgeous, hers was stunning wasn’t it? To think in a few moments of looking at a photo both minds when their own directions and I hope to do this again with her. Thanks for reading her also. 🙂 xx

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