“You paid how much?”

The strains of Born to Be Wild blared through the open window.

“40 dollars on EBay”.

“You were so ripped off”.

“Don’t be stupid, it’s a bargain, have to work on it a bit, that’s all”.

“A little?  You are dreaming, look at the rust on the thing, where’s the engine”?

“Well clearly it doesn’t have one”.

“So that means you have to peddle it?”

“What’s wrong with peddling for goodness sake, it’s good exercise, I could do with it, my legs aren’t in the best of shape”.

“Mildred honey, you’re 89 years old, how do you think your legs should look?”

100 words or less for friday-fictioneers


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74 thoughts on “Bargain

  1. Great dialogue, but I hope I’m not still worrying about the shape I’m in when I’m 89! Time to let it all go Mildred, enjoy a few slices if cake and hang the pounds!

  2. You brought a big smile to my face. Based on the number of older people at the gym where my parents, both in the 80’s, go and those who compete in the Senior Olympics, which my mom does and my dad used to, there are plenty of older people still staying in shape. Haven’t see anyone riding a bike like this, though. They’re mostly on more modern bikes. 🙂


  3. Omg, I burst out laughing at the end 😀 at first I thought she was talking to an idealistic and over optimistic young adult like mid twenties probably her daughter. That was nicely done.

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