sandcastle memories; a child’s laugh
wet sand, buckets & spades
moats filled high with water
oh how real it was to us &
how proud we were of what we’d made
seagull feather as the flag

our castle; childhood claim
of dreams we can’t recall
as we played in summer sun
seaweed, shells decorated walls
tiny fingers poked window holes
calling to parents with squeals
of pride
“come see, come see – what I have done”

fallen grains, sweet memory
of built up castle dreams
of us who were the little ones
no thoughts of tomorrow or days
to follow, but only how long
our fort would hold
as we played in summer sun

when the tide lapped at our
fortress made of sand
we watched it slowly wash away
crashing & melding
from whence it came
we pouted; a mere second of dismay
then we ran to build again
as we played in summer sun

so as we grew & our lives changed
this perhaps the lesson
we learnt back then
from the days when we were young
& played in summer sun
when our walls came crashing down
to pick ourselves up & start again

30 thoughts on “sandcastles

  1. RM you have a unique way with words.The final comment about picking yourself up and starting again is sadly not so noticeable in the younger generations. I find resilience is not a quality a lot of young people possess. Enjoy your week.

    • Welcome SS thank you for reading and your comments. πŸ™‚ Resilience is learnt through time, sometimes even in our ‘older years’though it is difficult to start again. Strong character, strength of mind and determination required, as you say when younger these traits are not readily available.

  2. That it it’s settled!
    I am buying a kids sand bucket and shovel first thing tomorrow then heading down the beach

    Let the childhood out I say πŸ™‚

  3. So much that I can relate to in this J.
    Certainly loved the sand and the castles and the carefree nature of childhood.
    Maybe it’s our increasing awareness of the world that saps our confidence and resilience. As a child your world is what is immediately around you. The older you get the more you think everyone is looking at you. I wonder why the innocence of youth vanishes?
    Nice poem by the way.

  4. Oh Mumsy, I could relate to it on so many levels. I love how a child can be ‘present’ with whatever they choose to do, not really caring about the outside world and here we are caring about everything. Although I hear that changes with age. I notice more, speak less and care even less about what is thought of me. I still yearn to be that child. Completely carefree. I watch my girls play with a bucket, water and make mud pies.. the simplest things- it is exactly what you have write about. I am all over the place with this one, trying to get my thoughts out before bed time. So sweet.

  5. The simple things that they like, everything else takes a hike, not a care and no need to let down their hair. Already down, as they stroll across town.

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