For my American readers regarding the deplorable behaviour from Chase Bank. If you use them ~ please read this.

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I have just spent two hours on hold with Chase Bank.  The situation is this I had one payee that Chase decided that my online payment to them needed to be held pending a review by risk review. Here is the actual message: Payee is being researched by Risk operations and has not yet been decisioned.   This has now happened for 3 weeks in a row.  I have called to find out why this is happening.  I am told that they can not tell me why.  I also can not cancell the payments.  The money is now frozen by Chase.  I asked for a superviser–they also can not tell me anything.  As an American I feel like I have been raped and violated.  Each person I talk to tells me that Chase will not release the reason my money/payments are being held. …

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2 thoughts on “CHASE BANK IS NOT SAFE

  1. Had been working on a blog about this myself…Don’t ask where I got this..
    But you are 100% correct. Here is your proof.

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