Sitting at my back door

I asked Brian Miller from WaystationOne and also dVerse for some inspiration after writing and editing a Eulogy.

His words were – go sit on the porch with a cuppa…close your eyes and listen…when you think you have heard it—listen some more then write it…smiles

So I went outside and closed my eyes and listened..and listened and sat for hmmm 3 minutes and wrote this…probably should have stayed longer (but I was cold)


Soft wind meanders through trees
at my back gate and birds cluck
~ similar to ducks
but not
joined with the odd crow or dove
a dog in the distance barks
for the homecoming of his master
‘Boing’ a basketball next door
bounces ‘cross the pavement
Six birds I hear, different shapes
different sizes
competing with the clunk of tin
from neighbours in their yard
bees~ and there are bees murmuring
amongst the chipped wood
seeking flowers on the branches
and a fly ~
wouldn’t be Australia ~ without a fly


Thanks Brian 😉 my 666th post.

32 thoughts on “Sitting at my back door

  1. Now I found this very interesting! When I was much further back on the road to coping with pain it was suggested that I buy a book by Vidyamala Burch Living well with Chronic pain and illness.This is not an advert, it was a great help to me because reading about her accident and experiences I could see she knew what she was talking about she almost knew me! Anyway I am drifting off pieste , sorry! My point is one of the exercises she gives you to do is to sit somewhere quietly with your eyes closed for a while then say or write down everything you heard and felt!
    Okay ramble over I loved hearing your “quiet experience” !! xxxxxx

    • I am glad you drifted off and I am glad that my little piece reminded you of something that was worthy and helpful in your life. This took you there and that has made this little write all the more worthwhile. So I thank you and I enjoyed your ‘ramble’ very much 🙂 xxxx

  2. nice…see this is an exercise i repeat quite often in honing my senses…..i like that you hear the different sizes of them…that is a bit of magic…ha…fighting over tin too…cool bit you saw through your ears….smiles.

    • No, it’s only because we know in our head what bird makes what sound and then the visual hits 🙂 THANK YOU though for asking me to do this – I am sure once it gets warmer I shall be doing it more often – but perhaps where people are around so I can study them and write about them. Thank you for reading my friend.

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