What occurs when night takes it’s stranghold on the world
In the early hours as rain is constant unrelenting
As coldness forms a barrier on once a lightened day
How many are awake I ponder as sleep evades
Are they warm and comforted under cotton sheets
Or lie on concrete with cardboard to protect
Are their mothers waking to feed their young
Animals huddle amongst barren trees
Who dies tonight who lives who cries as new life enters
I stand listening as it hits the perspex
The outside light shines from the house next door
And the rain falls in patterns heavier at times
No reasoning clouds are joined as one
I drink warm cocoa knowing others are cold
Not asleep yet not fully awake as the hour clicks to morning
Rain I hear you yet I cannot see you only if I look towards the light
You drown the earth giving it sustenance
The drain pipes echo as you cascade down
Many thoughts as sleep evades I listen
And wait for a new day to arrive


She rubs her eyes
Yawns the last nights sleep away
Bare foot across the boards
Using toes to balance
She pulls old tissues from her pocket
Of her mauve worn dressing gown
She wipes the tear that’s fallen
Her finger flicks the power
Waits and listens to the kettle
And just for a split second
Ponders coffee, chocolate, tea
Staring out the window to the sound of
Boiling water in the background
She grabs the cup and spoon
All her actions in slow motion
And wonders why life has challenged her
Is there a reason for the path she walks
She does not go to church or has
Belief in a higher being
Only perhaps the universe
And she wishes upon the nightly stars
Some have hurdles greater than she
Perhaps hers not that large
In the scheme of things
Everyone has ups and downs
As the warm tea touches her lips
There are others far worse off than she
That’s how she gains perspective
This thought keeps her taking steps each day
To not give up, or wallow into dark despair
The simplicity of ‘It is what it is’
Embedded and trying to be accepted
Almost a mantra spoken now
For new events that challenge her
Sitting she holds the cup with two hands
The warmth soothes her cold palms
Let it slide, she tells herself
She can’t be everything to everyone
She can’t solve, cure, remedy, please
Though inbuilt in her nature
There are days her strength forgoes her
Allowing herself to back away
If only for some minutes
But she is resilient and knows when she is
Called upon, she will be there
As to ‘there’ that is her home
Where she’s needed, where she belongs


The tap drips
forming a pool beneath
plink plink
alive divided strings
seeking the river bed
it doesn’t pump
working its way
like sound exploring veins

We who are inspired
feel the branches
from the scratches of ink
coloured in circles
lines letter like
those who have learnt
read the beats
the chords

It could be a simple sound
it could be an orchestra

Copyright JMTacken 24.2.2015

I’m not sure what this means, I just wrote it.

She looks


Her elongated fingers held
the delicacy
sinews raised across tanned hands
looking older than her years
her eyes closed momentarily
her youth had gone but not her years
she saw them laughing, the girl
throwing back her auburn hair
and he captivated

The way she stood, feet parted
held in leather sandals
one foot slightly turned
grass blades tickling her ankles
she the centre of his universe
they meet in sight of her
in spite of her
yet she doesn’t cry or scream

he teases anticipating confrontation
holds no value in his heart
her thin fingers slide along the
curtain hem
he won’t be granted the satisfaction
not today

Copyright JMTacken 21.10.2014

A different style of Chat

Seeds and a

a face lit up showing basil shoots

sprouting that she planted

in a used glass jar

artworks displayed

car drive with chatter


smiles on the face

she ate Thai green curry

that blended with

the colour of her hair

we talked

then new clothes and shoes

her boots falling apart

warm weather on its way

a visit to the penguins

dropped back home

both enjoyed

my girl and I


K  had to cancel her outing with her sister, as she had locked the keys in her car and B/F J had gone to do a gardening job, taking the spare with him.

They have made another catch up date for next weekend. I am so happy.

I picked K up and we went for lunch, bought her some clothes and  summer shoes.

We then visited the penguins and I took her back home.

We had a good day, we laughed, we talked, we discussed B (her sister) and Borderline and what she experiences.

She was nervous about moving,  but today they went and saw J,  the wonderful lady who has offered them a room and she now feels a bit more comfortable about having to relocate again.

Mr. S and I  did 11 hours of non stop painting today. I have only just lain on the couch and every muscle and joint is starting to seize ugh! Tomorrow I have an hour massage a birthday gift from a girlfriend, then I am meeting her for lunch. I am SO looking forward to it!

Wednesday I have a Service to conduct in the afternoon, then visiting penguins again.

Thursday, Mr. S and I are flying to Nelson Bay in NSW to stay in a tree studio with spa, for 6 nights. I shall be taking my IPad, but if I don’t catch up on reading you all, or being around..well that’s the reason why.




And then there was nothing..or was there


Tell yourself ‘do nothing’ but
You still are doing something
The act of being in nothingness
still holds your breath
within those seconds your chest
rises and falls

Escaping existence
collapsing into quiet
floating in your imagination

Minds don’t shut down
Your body can if given the chance
Eyes open or closed
thoughts continue to tumble
In the nothingness of you
not doing anything, you still ‘do’



Copyright jmtacken 14.7.14

‘ I ‘

I breathe the breath of a tortured soul
it burns my stomach lining
clouding my retinas

I stand with no direction
The consequences so great
my mind won’t rest

I hold to what I need to believe
My disposition complex
it wilts amongst rationalisation

I fight with warrior strength
unarmed without weapons
as the battle is within

I long for resolution
to lay down these invisible swords
that cut my soul

Copyright JMTacken 9.7.14

I hope that soon I shall be able to write with more lightheartedness.

Summer in a winter

women sweating

Fermented golden as the sun
Not as the silver oyster
On a clouded day

I think of wavering ammophila
Tossing, turning to the wind
Birds cry overhead

With drops of nectar
I escape, no thoughts of present
or of past

In the moment, granules
anoint my feet, I hear
the ocean call

I care not that winters here
sand cold and scratchy against
my soles

Allowed to be alone in thought
I’m there with summer
where troubles are released
I’ve taken myself beyond

Copyright JMTacken 8.7.14

Morning has broken

Mum & Pop having a laugh

Mum & Pop having a laugh

Morning breaks like every other
Opening eyes, the darkness that enveloped
the night remains, winter sits
a giant umbrella covering the light

A different routine, collect the paper
with must read news unwrapping the
squeaky plastic that holds it tight
a baton without a race, thrown across the grass

Prepare breakfast, bacon, tomato, toast, fine
cut shallots, tea piping hot, table set
His walker first with him behind, the eldest but
always the first to rise, as if to squeeze
in as many waking hours

He smiles, tucks in, asks if I can stay
I smile, shake head, no, that is not possible
my Pop and kiss his beautiful forehead
knowing part of me would

Then she awakens, the kitchen clock moves 7:20
Breakfast is ready I whisper, with morning voice
yet to gain strength
She sits, she eats and then as every morning
she transforms to the little old lady in
Mary Poppins, feeding her birds

copyright JMTacken 25.6.2014

This photo was taken over 2 years ago, mum hates it, as she says, it looks like they are catching flies.