After Life Meetings – continued

I haven’t written for a few weeks on my sessions that I have been attending. Please see here if you do not have a clue what I am talking about.     the-spirit-side-session-2

I have been to 3 session since last writing.

The first was an open session to any members of the public that were interested. Carol – the ‘Head Medium’ stood for 2 hours, giving readings to those present. Towards the end of the day she stood up and said Simpson. Now Mr. S’s surname is Simpson, so I raised my hand.  Bearing in mind that I have not discussed anything about Mr. S or his family or my family to anyone in these sessions.

Carol said I have the letter A on this link, I see tattoos on the upper arm, there is also an army link and a ship. She also held her chest and said she had a crushing feeling. I had no idea who she was referring too, as I don’t know Mr. S’s relatives (spirit side).

During the week I checked with Mr. S’s mum if she knew of any relatives on her side that matched the evidence that Carol gave.

Her fathers name was Albert – He had the letter A tattooed on his upper arm. The Army – he was in the Light Horse Brigade. The Boat – he played violin in a ship band. The crushing feeling? He passed suddenly in a room by himself of a heart attack…..

Last Wednesday it was the ‘class’ I have only stood once if you recall and have politely sat back listening and watching others for a little while. One of the Dutch women (Miny) gave me a nudge from the back, telling me to get up again.She was quite adamant that I do so.

Reluctantly I stood and faced the class. One of the more experienced mediums stood up with me. This was the conversation.

me “I have nothing, I’m still not sure what I should be doing, or if I simply make things up”.
she “All of us at first think we are making things up, I want you to simply go with what is in your head, whether you have visuals or hear, now who do you see?”
me “a woman blonde shoulder length hair, passed with something here (I held my hand on my stomach)
the lady (Miny) who had told me to get up raised her hand saying that she could accept it (ie she knew who I was  ‘seeing’) I continued.
me “this lady loved big necklaces, chunky”.
Miny nodded.
me ” She was a very happy, bubbly woman”
Miny “yes”
me “I see floral curtains in a sun room and a garden in tiers, landscaped”
Miny “yes”
I can tell you I was shaking by this stage.
me “I see two children a boy and a girl”.
Miny “yes”
me “the boy is quite tall, taller than the girl”.
Miny  “no the girl was taller”.
me “this woman, she passed September”
Miny ‘yes”
me “early September”
Miny “yes”
That is all I saw, no matter how I tried I couldn’t get any more visuals or ‘feeling’.

Miny said that I had described her sister who had passed away, the only part that wasn’t correct was the son being taller than the daughter.

My brother also came a very quiet way (I have been hoping he would since I started these classes) but I shall leave that for another post.

So do I believe? I am more convinced than what I was in the beginning. It hasn’t been proven that spirits don’t exist…is it always merely a coincidence……

12 thoughts on “After Life Meetings – continued

  1. How fascinating, and amazing! I wish there was something like that around here!
    See, I believe very strongly in all of this, how could I NOT what with all the stuff that has been happening to us here…. I think there are things we just don’t understand about our own minds and spirits, let alone the spiritual world beyond this one.

    • Somehow I knew that you would ESPECIALLY with what has happened in your home. It is amazing and I will continue to go each week to learn more. To watch the mediums (even the fledging mediums) work spins my mind. They bring forth real evidence, unlike the physic who predict. Have you checked around your ‘neighbourhood’ to see that there aren’t any classes? Thanks for reading Trace. x

  2. Oh my gosh, this experience sounds intriguing. I must go back and read the history to you finding your way to these classes. I’ve missed something, but I’m hooked!

  3. Like, like, like this post Mumsy, I believe there are beings in other realms, trying to communicate, or in the process of moving on, or those that are designated guardians.. so to speak.. sending messages, valuable information or messages of peace. Then there are people( mediums) who are incredibly skilled at communicating with those beings and it is truly an amazing thing to watch them at it. Look how far you’ve come, cannot wait to hear more about your visits. They are enlightening.

    • Hello sweet glad to see you back. I really hadn’t thought much about the ‘after life’ before…well I did but not to the extent that I do now and it is a fascinating journey that I have embarked upon. My next session is Wednesday night – so I shall write about the events shortly after. xxxx

    • Thank you Beth – I guess I thought people would think I was off the planet…or slightly batty attending these classes or sharing what happens, but I am going to think ‘outside the square’ and see where this new road leads. Thank you for reading 🙂 x

  4. I thoroughly believe that spirits exist and surround us. After all, where do our spirits go when we die? I think that some of them are near us. To me this is like proving a negative. ie: Prove that God exists-Prove that he doesn’t. The same with spirits.

    My mom was very prescient and one of my brothers and I got the gift but not perhaps to the same degree. I hear but I don’t listen most of the time. I need to listen more.

    • I totally agree with what you have said Nelson – if a theory has not been proven otherwise – then who is to say it does not exist. How wonderful that you hear! I have been told to meditate often which helps to bring the energy. I would be very interested in any experiences you have had. Thank you for commenting. x

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