Muse on holiday – prose

eh 4 drafts sit
few lines here
3 words maybe 4
in the WP file

can’t think
have nothing
word avoidance
muse on my left
now sits behind
arms on each


go on write
what the hEll is wrong with

stop being so pushy
it’s not happenin’
lack of – inspiration
b—k pages staring

writing dribble
yet not
sshhhhh muse
let me get some

tomorrow is another day
the ‘Course’
head is full of
other things

you can return – then
I shall return
have a holiday for
ONE day

I stare at the huntsman
long legs furry
white/brown creepy
outside my window

sitting there for 4 days now
legs outstretched
I shiver looking up at him/her
sex of a spider – who can tell

perhaps I’ll  write of iT
nope…already did

16 thoughts on “Muse on holiday – prose

  1. Well now you’ve written your “Muse” poem and can never write another. There is only one fall back left and that’s an “Ars Poetica” or writting about writing.>KB

  2. Dear RM we have all been there. Staring at the wall and thinking I should be mowing the lawn. Most challenges I meet with a blank mind. I sit and think, have dinner, wash up, some nights I even sleep on it. Sometimes at 3am a brilliant idea arrives and I have to brave the cold to sit up and dictate what my mind says onto my iPad.
    But ideas do come. No point forcing something. More fun to play with the words, sometimes bend the language. I have contemplated a gibberish flash fiction but it would have deliberate speech patterns, so you would think I was making some sense.
    Well I’ve ‘popped’ in a bit long this time. I think you have captured the mental loneliness of the blogger well.

    • You my friend can pop in for as long as you wish – there was nothing last night – perhaps tonight.. 🙂 When I write of my muse I hope that you all know she doesn’t really sit on my left or behind me 😉 I love the mowing the lawn – sometimes staring at the blank is like watching grass grow. I shall battle on never fear Mumsy is here!

  3. I have not been inspired to write lately! I’m going on 6 weeks of struggling. I think it might be that it is summer here and there are other things I wish to do…like outside away from a computer screen.
    Anyway…I enjoyed. Great question….how do you tell the sex of a spider? They are so creepy they should not be allowed to reproduce.

    • I can totally understand darlin Bec – you should be out enjoying the sunshine and the real world – I write more during winter but even then stepping away is required. Psst creepy hairy spider is still at my window and I have NO inclination to find out it’s sex 😉 xx

  4. my friend, i’m such a novice i really wish i had more constructive advice, but i have fallen back on some of the lessons my painting teacher taught me. ‘The Three Rules of Paul’, the last one was,

    ‘when you get stuck, turn the painting to the wall’…and i’ve interpreted this in different ways, they all helped in one way or another.

  5. haha….i figure i will write anyway…when the muse takes a hike…actually i dont believe in writers block…and it doesnt believe in me either…smiles….nice leap to sex of a spider there…ha….just start typing and let it come…smiles.

    • Hello yes I will continue to babble nonsense even if no one reads from now on – for I don;t care *pouts and stamps feet* glad you sure the humour in it and thanks for reading Mr. M. 🙂

      • oh no worries, i enjoy the honest and open sharing, many restrain themselves, it’s refreshing to read. i’ll bet if everyone would write down just a bit of what goes through their heads, the therapists of the world would have a field day ) (and better understand them)

    • Beth in reply to your reply – this could get confusing 🙂 You have made me happy saying that you like to read the honest and open sharing – which I tend to do A LOT! 🙂 Yes I think there is therapeutic value in writing down your feelings and meanderings and would probably put counsellors out of business if people were only able to. 🙂 x

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