feel free to delete (Prose)

Bearing souls, extracting thoughts
what is wanted ~ what is not
those who read a sigh from lips
not again ~ I’m tired of this

Yet we as writers are perpetual
a given day ~ a given hour
dependent on the mood
overwhelming desire to discharge

Emotions that cascade from mind
to paper ~ not wishing to exacerbate
detract love and happiness in others lives
for we are who we are

I could write of joy and sunsets
of love being found ~ of pretty things
but I cannot in this current state of mind
so pretend I will not

©jmtacken Jan 2014

I will be prolific over the next hour or so or possibly more. I do not expect people to read, comment to all that I possibly do, so please do not feel obligated and delete me from your inbox, should this get too much ~ I understand.

28 thoughts on “feel free to delete (Prose)

  1. As if we would delete you. Each of us struggles from time to time, we reach dark places and our words ooze out from those dark reaches. Its good to write them down, to share them, to see you will get far more support than you will deletes. Take care friend.

    • I feel stupid – so many that struggle for far greater reasons than I. The last thing I wish to do is to get a sympathy vote from what I write today – the next few days. Hopefully this mood will once again swing around – thank you my dear friend – thank you.

  2. sit where you are, and feel what you feel, and let it out. you will feel better in time, like getting your appendix out i suppose. no need to apologize, if you get too loud, i’ll just put on my iPod and hum along. ) no need to always sing of joy and sunsets, they are but one part of life –

  3. You shouldn’t apologize J. This is your space to freely express .. How much, what and why.. Your lovely canvass to paint with your words and emotions.

    Thinking of you my friend.

    • How artistically you have responded…my mood this afternoon was so very low, I wrote 2 pieces and stepped back before I moaned and groaned further. Thank you my friend, I appreciate your support of me and your friendship. ( hugs )

  4. Hey Mumsy, who in their right mind would delete you from anything!
    Life isn’t all happy go lucky, it’s sometimes down right cruel and unfair! Write away our dear, Mumsy! Huge hugs and nite from Perth. Hugs Paula xxxxxxooooo

  5. Jen, the only reason you are at this place is because you love so deeply. How can you beat yourself up about that? Love you friend and wish I could lighten the mood with a stupid comment, but I don’t have one right now.

  6. no need to pretend anyway…it would not be believable…
    write where you are…use the stress you are under to fuel what
    you do write…

    now where is that delete button,
    i cant find it…

    just kidding.

    • A little better, thank you sweet, I pulled myself up out of the mood from yesterday, getting there..slowly but surely. I know I can chat to you when I get bad.. So thank you and you made me smile at goof xxxx

  7. The poets picture pretense… they never portray it.
    And just write what comes to you… another recommendation from me(you may ignore that). Letting those feelings spill in the form of the words is great. In the end, we are only judged by ourselves.

    • How can I ignore what you say anmol. Sometimes I do worry that I write too much when I am in this mood, perhaps I should just hide what I write away then post later on. Thank you for your kindness, appreciated.

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