Winter is approaching – Prose


stand centred
the inner circle
surrounded by
the ancient
my private sanctuary
I don my winter coat
of thoughts

wind lashes icy
against my cheek
razor blades
of a colder season
grey clouds multiply
play catch in the air
amid blackened skies
before night falls

I wait

inhale secrets
I beckon creatures
timbers crack
bristled whispers
the woodland starts
to breathe
creatures nocturnal
step cautiously
from daylit homes

the distance
the pack howls
with throats
stretched tight
guttural baying
to the opaque moon

footsteps soft on
moistened moss
quenching thirsts
at river beds
insects wary scurry
from the pray
the dark is coming

I am not afraid

darkness penetrates
I am a kindred spirit
where I stand
connect me with the
sounds of living on
this night

winter hard as stone
call forth my muse
from summer past
inspiration drawn

my muse awakes

my breath draws in
no longer does she
sleep within

14 thoughts on “Winter is approaching – Prose

  1. I felt every bit of winter as I read this….cold and dark with creatures lurking for food. This was excellent; I really enjoyed.

    Is it winter in your part of the world? I should probably know that, but I don’t.

    • Thank you lovely, I am glad it resonated with you, we are still officially in Autumn 2 weeks before Winter hits, but it was 14C deg today and raining, the mornings are cold, the nights are dark at 5.30pm…sadly the hibernation time is approaching..which means more writing from me…so be afraid…be very afraid 🙂 x

  2. ok…that was just plain beautiful Mumsy.

    There is a curious set of lines …
    creatures nocturnal
    step cautiously
    from daylit homes

    Who are these creatures we? That was my favorite part … *thinks on it more* …

  3. This is beautiful! It’s so strange how you are just entering into your winter as we are about to embark on summer here! I always kind of feel you are just around the corner from me!

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