can you see the strength inside of you
you are the rock imbedded in the sandy soil not
swaying with self doubt whilst water washes over you

you are the sturdy tree in the forest
tall and solid that holds the canopy aloft
standing fast, nothing bending your resolve

but how shall I convince you; what words will
penetrate the rock that is you; for you are
stubborn as the water that tries to break it down

it's about belief - in yourself
it's about trust - in yourself
it's about optimism

breathe a little


do not preempt with sleepless nights
or days cast in shadows
what has not yet befallen you
seeing will be when it arrives
and not a moment sooner

never a moment sooner



The Liptember cause (see link below) that Kayla (my daughter) is raising monies for, is still going. Those of you who have kindly donated we thank you.  As yet they do not have a link on line for overseas donations, so if you would like to donate please do to the below bank account details…and please let me know if you have donated, so that we can publicly thank you.

Supporting Australian Womens Mental Health

Liptember Foundation
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB: 062 000
Acc no: 1390 1111

6 thoughts on “Believing

  1. I like the notion of belief and optimism in life. For without it we don’t amount to much.
    No amount of prompting or convincing will be effective if the subject of our concern is not prepared to act for themselves. Thought provoking RM. stanza three doesn’t quite flow for me, no pun intended – penetrate the rock within the river- that bit I thought is the problem, maybe ‘ penetrate the rock that is you’? Just a thought.

    • Good morning *yawn* tis early, you have grasped my intention and now looking at it once more in the ‘light of day’ *yawn again* it would be better, correction noted and shall be done..thank you for being astute and pointing me in the right direction. 🙂

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