Chat time…. I’m bored … forgive me?

Half the world is asleep therefore I have no one to talk to, as Mr.S is out, J is out with Mr.S and daughter #2 is on the computer and we aren’t talking much anyway 😦

So I thought I would have a chat, please don’t cringe, just grab a wine or a beer, or if you must a cup of tea (I promise I won’t say how boring) πŸ˜‰

Well we had a quiet week in leafy suburbia as far as cleaning goes. Apart from Monday, when daughter #2 was sick and I had to take on 2 massive end of lease cleans. I started at 8am and didn’t stop, apart from driving the car from one to the other, when I could rest my bum on the seat.

The last one… Ermegawd old house, slate everywhere..and I mean everywhere. Anywho I got stuck in starting just before 1 and finished at 5.15. Needless to say that night and the following day I was well and truly knackered..yes an Aussie colloquialism, everything ached, woah is me, I know and I thank you for your empathy. It surprises me the state people live in, it really does.

I went to visit the penguins, they had visitors, a friend that mum has known for over 60 years and her daughter, they kindly brought lunch for them. The daughter D is absolutely hilarious, we get on so well and I’m rolling about in laughter with everything that springs from her mouth.

Mum of course got a little snappy now and then..situation normal now, D just grabbed my leg under the table, when she saw I was ready to bite! Pop just deals with it all and it’s tough on him I know.

Today well today, I just did MY housework…. oh joy, oh bliss. I even cleaned all the sills, skirting boards and doors..yes I go overboard at times, like me writing this. If you aren’t asleep by now, or fallen off your perch, well done you are to be commended!

I have my 18th Funeral Service to conduct on Monday. Finished typing up the Eulogy and pretty much prepared, until I get there and the nerves come into play..but if I wasn’t a wee bit nervous, I tell myself I’ve reached the point of not caring and it’s just a job. Which it isn’t, well it is, but IT’S a job with meaning and one I love.

Speaking of Services, I read a post this morning, that got me thinking about OCD, why you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I think I have strains of it, if one can have strains of it. For I have noticed after I pack my bag with my folder containing the Eulogy, I close it, then 10 minutes later, I’ll check if it’s there again. Then another check before I go out the door. OCD or paranoia? Hmm I’ll let you ponder that deep and meaningful.

We are out tonight to friends for dinner and wine, well of course there would be wine, glorious wine. I’m not an alcoholic don’t laugh- truly I’m not.

Now if you feel so inclined, tell me about your boring week or not so boring and make me jealous.

So that’s about it, for those who have kept up, I thank you.


49 thoughts on “Chat time…. I’m bored … forgive me?

  1. You should slowly go and just randomly hug daughter #2… that might make things better πŸ™‚

    • Hi A, if it were that easy. Unfortunately there is a lot going on in here and hugging sadly won’t make it right, at this point anyway 😦 I know what you’re saying and I thank you for your kind comment and dropping in to read my banter. It’s never ending waves in this household, right now we are just riding the crests. 😦 appreciate your thoughts. πŸ™‚

      • Oooh, I’m sorry 😦 Maybe (depending on the age) you need to stand up and put your foot down. Sometimes they need to know who is the parent and they need to respect you…but at the same time harsh treatment won’t work either. So maybe you could try having family meetings and discussing the issue…make them attend the meetings. πŸ™‚

      • She is in her late 20”s and suffers from mild depression and a couple of other things. She is in therapy and now taking a light medication, to try and quell the outbursts. Some days are better than others and we hope that the one on one sessions and group, will put her on the right course. Thank you A, unfortunately family meetings don’t work anymore. It’s just one day at a time right now.

      • Oooh I understand. I guess you just have to let them be. One day she’ll realize and she’ll come around.

  2. You know Jenny, your posts are interesting in so many ways. we get to see the real you. Admittedly you don’t swear and curse as I know you can but we do see the Jenny we all know and love. That’s the beauty of these posts you show us YOU and you is an interesting person with personality and wit to burn. So I was not bored, my life is very quiet compared to the high jinx of your world, maybe a new baby in the next week or so might smarten my life up, you think? Thankfully not mine, but exciting all the same as gkid No 7 enters the world.

    • I am laughing, sshhh don’t tell everyone that I curse and swear πŸ™‚ how wonderful are you for writing that, wit to burn you say? Yes, this is the real me, without the cussing. I am so pleased you weren’t bored and I thank you from my Beaty thing for your lovely words. Your life will be exciting when #7 enters, imagine all the presents each birthday and Christmas! Good gawd, start lay by-ing now man!

  3. I don’t find your chats boring at all. Most others’s lives are interesting if only because they are different. Yours is no exception. And there’s always wine πŸ™‚ Glad you made it through another week. How long are you going to do this cleaning gig? Or is it a new permanent side line?

    • Thanks sweet-pea. Yes we are all so different, it is 12:20pm, just got home from the dinner at friends and a lovely roast and wine and wine and port and playing scatagories, I had tears with laughter. I made it through, sadly my cleaning duties will continue, until I am receiving at least 2 Services per week, but that is an unknown still. So it may continue us for some time to come…ech 😦 xxx

  4. love your chats ,always jen. i feel like we’re sitting down over a glass of wine and having a conversation. happy the penguin visit had some cheer, i know they can be anything but, at times. also happy you have another service coming up, we both know it’s what you were born to do. as for this week, camping day with my class and i’m going over to create fairy gardens at both houses for my grand babies. long weekend here too, and i think we all have a bit of ocd in us, it just manifests itself in a variety of ways, but i don’t think you have time to have it! )

    • I laughed too true not having the time! Thank you as usual for your complete loveliness. I think I was born to do it, I just hope the bosses can see that in time, but I guess 18 since Oct 30th, is doing ok…sortta, being a newbie I mean. A fairy garden, how absolutely wonderful. I love them, so magical and seeing your grand babies enjoy them. What do you plan on doing/making? You do have an interesting life with your little ones, I envy you at times. Thank you for sharing and as I’ve said before…for just being you ❀ xxx

  5. I have said before and I shall say again I love to read your chats. I never tire of them.
    My week? The gym. Housework , shopping, getting into hot water with the huband, gym . getting into more trouble with husband more gym. ….more Trouble.

    • I love your water with the hubby? Never…surely not?? Good girl going to the gym, my cleaning is my work out now. Thank you sweety for loving my chats, I so appreciate that you enjoy them. ❀ hugs xxxx

  6. My weary bones ache for you, Jen, and I just got out of bed 2-1/2 hours ago (6:30 a.m.). You do a tip-top job and I cringe because I could use some of your help. I’m afraid I’ve been a wee bit lazy…I mean, b.u.z.y. lately.
    Bless you for visiting your penguins. You are a lovely daughter.
    As well, I’m not sure about the OCD but I believe you are nervous enough to make sure everything is as it should be.
    Have a lovely weekend. πŸ˜€

    • My weary bones ache for me as well Tess, believe me, I have never felt so run down or achy, but as I said it is what it is, until I can leave it. I’m sure I could help you, but the hours would tally up in the distance to get there! Thank you darling, yes I continue to visit them and accept the issues and help when and where I’s what we must do. Regarding the OCD, I think you are right, I am just nervous, making sure I have the work in place and not turn up to the Service unprepared, or without the Eulogy…oh gawd how terrible would that be… Thank you I hope you have a beautiful weekend too πŸ™‚ ❀ xxx

  7. Jen…feel like this is a little continuation of our email chat. I love when you pull up a chair and tell us what’s going on in your world. I can only imagine how difficult it must be having to clean your own home after doing that for others. I do wish my house would clean itself. I don’t like to do it after I’ve worked a full week. About the OCD thing…I laughed when I read your comment. I too have those tendencies. Did I wash my hands when I got home?…remember I’m wiping kids noses all day…I’ll wash them again just in case. I also have a thing with checking door locks at night before we go to bed. I bet I check them 2, 3, 4 times some nights. My husband is bad about leaving them unlocked and I don’t need anything else keeping me awake at night. Kid number 2 moved back home while he continues to look for his big boy job…that keeps my up in and of itself. Hope your weekend is lovely.

    • Thank you sweetheart, it is a bit isn’t it..chats are good πŸ™‚ it seems many have a little OCD, , washing hands, checking locks, bags. I think we need robots to clean our houses, it will happen just not in our life times sadly. Smiled at big boy job, hope you get to spend some special time with him, before he drives you a little crazy πŸ˜‰ thank you sweet the end of it now, had a lovely Sunday, then another melt down occurred…. 😦

  8. I won’t go on and on except to say that I doubt any of us are completely free of some kind of OCD. Some wash their hands repeatedly, others continually clean, still others pick and clean their teeth. I could be here all day and into next year telling you about the different “strains” of OCD but the most important thing I can say is this: If it does not interfere with your life, then don’t worry about it.

    One person I know counts syllables as she speaks, another cannot stop picking at her skin and another divides the saliva in her mouth. Those same people are wonderful, intelligent, productive people who live with their OCD tendencies and they continue on their day.

    Me? I am an organizer and I edit my writings. People know me from Jersey to California and back for the things I accomplish with my limited abilities and education. Since my stroke six years ago, I must have the television on to specific types of programs in order to concentrate to write. I am more concerned about finding the TV program to write than my OCD issues.

    By the way, I hope your boredom was fleeting!

    • Thanks Jackie for your explanation, thankfully no checking my bag doesn’t interfere with my life, unlike some of the tendencies of OCD. My first daughter has it and takes medication, she is settled now with it and her life, so I know a reasonable amount on it. I have watched some docos on it also and I can only imagine the frustration some experience. I’m an organiser too, guess there’s a fine line. Thank you, and yes my boredom was fleeting πŸ™‚

  9. Ah Jen…..such busy ness. I have not stopped. I make a plan and my plan is subject to change due so many different sources. I get frustrated. Then remember/think of how it might feel if I can’t/didn’t have all of these wonderful life plan changing sources in my life I am, however, right this minute, demanding my life let me sit here in the sun and read. Relax. And get things done. I have 37 minutes to myself. I’m taking them. πŸ™‚

    • You made me smile Colleen, having precisely 37 minutes to yourself. I want peace in these surroundings of mine, the sources control and the situations can get out of hand, the only time I can say that I’m relaxed, is when I’m out, or on holiday. Hope you took in that sun and enjoyed your 37 minutes πŸ™‚ x

      • It wasn’t five more minutes from me writing that Jen and my time was occupied with other things. πŸ™‚ Oh well. Having so many loved ones in my life is a very good thing. πŸ™‚

  10. I love your chats, Jen – and yes it can get lonely in the house late at night and I’m glad you’ve got us talk to πŸ˜‰

    As far as the OCD thing goes – I took MIL shopping yesterday (she has dementia, but is still quite clear most of the time). Anyhooo – we walked out of K-Mart and I checked my wallet to make sure I’d put my plastic back after the purchase. She asked what I was doing and I told her I always do that. I shop, then 30 seconds after leaving the store I check my bag to make sure I haven’t forgotten my card. She gave me an odd look as if she was thinking I have OCD! LOL Maybe I do πŸ˜€

    Have a lovely relaxing Sunday πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you sweetness. Oh dear, I do the card check too, only as it’s so much hassle to replace the bloody thing. How sweet though she having the memory issues and you trying to remember if you got your card..perhaps you do..we all have a smidge. It was lovely, went shopping daughter 1, bought me a dress and gorgeous jacket as a belated mummy days present. Hope you had a lovely one xxx

  11. well, school ended…it was a mad push to the end to get kids to graduate….graduation was yesterday…we released 240 kids on the world…or the world on them…only 11 did not make it and will return to summer school or next year…i have a week off til summer school starts…its only half days, so…and good money…we are at a resort right now with my parents…will spend most of the day at the pool…sorry, i am boring, i am drinking coffee because it is just before 8 AM…but if you catch me later i will toast you with something a bit stronger…smiles.

    • So happy about the graduations, I smiled at 240 kids being released to the world. I wish them luck. How wonderful being at a resort, hope dad is behaving himself and relaxing ..smiles. You are not boring! Sitting by the pool is making me cross though ..smiles. Toast away my friend, you deserve a nice break..even if it is a small one. Cheers to you Bri.

  12. Will you hate me if I say ‘please slow down’ you make me dizzy?…and as for OCD, we all have little bits that are different and consuming, it’s how we manage…You sure do pack a lot into your life Jenny, can’t decide if I’m envious or exhausted by you…probably both…take care. Heather

  13. I enjoyed this so much! So glad guests at penguins included someone with a good sense of humor! Smiles and hugs for this one, she is a dear to have around! Also, I am thinking about the way you just speak, the funny ways you express yourself, these get me chuckling and feeling like we are ‘mates’ or ‘besties!’ Anyway, I am so glad you are on your way to having a good eulogy and that you are a gift to those people at the services. You are a Special Gift, Jen! Also, afraid to kill your OCD buzz, but I think this is part of being an old soul or a worrier! I check my purse for tickets two or three times, when I have to have them, I look for things and place them by the door… or for me, it may be ‘Old Age!’ xo, Robin

  14. Forgive me Jen, I’m catching up after having to go back home to Maryland for yet another funeral, last week. I feel as if I were just hanging out in the kitchen with you over a glass of wine. (“I’m not an alcoholic – truly I’m not.”) This makes me laugh out loud! I don’t think you have OCD or paranoia – you’re simply a perfectionist, my dear! Remember this is coming from someone who color coordinates her clothes AND spices! haha
    Reading this makes me tired (for you) but more than anything it inspires me to push through. As for this week for me… writing tomorrow, then refinishing 6 Windsor chairs and painting a vanity.
    One last thing I know for sure…the people who hear your eulogies are certainly enlightened to be in presence of your kind, giving and healing spirit. ❀ ~Karen~

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