Day after – chat time

K slept well, waking this morning she still felt tired and napped throughout the day.

She realised that she had bitten her tongue and now was talking with a slight lisp, this will heal.

She still does not remember the majority of what happened, but she did recognise changes as a result of her new medication (that she started last Monday). Last night when she was wanting to go home, she felt more relaxed and was able to handle the situation more calmly…taking it in her stride.

I’m tired tonight as I write, so forgive me for not answering everyone’s kind comments individually from the post last night.

I have read them all and I am so grateful for all of your support and caring, for not only K but for me also.

Thank you everyone – you are all appreciated.


26 thoughts on “Day after – chat time

  1. Glad to know you are on this side of it. Just rising here in Mars πŸ™‚ – but time for you to sleep – so get some good rest Jenny. My Monday is just starting and yours is about over πŸ™‚

  2. i’m glad to read this jen. sometimes, from horrible situations, comes a new approach and another chance. sleep and read and don’t respond and know we are out here . hugs –

  3. It lifts my heart to know K slept well and moved gently through the day. There is light and there will be dark spaces but together you will get through it.
    Do not worry about replying – sleep. Rest. Sending you lots of love

  4. thankful for calms after the storm…and picking up the pieces is not always easy…
    hope the meds help as they build into her bloodstream…
    i hope that you are able to enjoy the holidays….

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