Morning time


the world stirs
light pushes towards earth
eyes blink
closed from longs night sleep
all that were settled stretch
branches open wide
their feathered dwellers
cry the morning song
flying off from nestled homes

I could have written of the darkness
as I saw it
in so many hours past
digital click to warn me of the
minutes passing by
of life

eyes that wish to close
yet drawn to nature wakening
the sounds, the calls
bringing rhythmic pulses to the air

and nothing changes
night to day
sleep or not
with memories of yesterday
thoughts of tomorrow
we start again
the day is what we make of it

copyright JMTacken 28.12.2014

35 thoughts on “Morning time

  1. Absolutely splendid poetic and a wondrous “new year” and “new day” message to all, Jen.
    I loved this one! We all can make our days the way we wish to, such a powerful one to send out. I saw peace branches in your poem, too. Ways to keep ties close and rooted, too. Hugs for a marvelous new adventure ahead with many turns and some ‘falls’ but mostly arriving at the end of 2015 safe and sound, together again. That is my wish for you, dear friend, Jen!! xo

    • Thank you darling, I wish that too, so many turns and falls to come yet I feel, but let’s hope the roads meet up along the way. Appreciate your kindness on my poem, I am glad that you loved it ~ thank you so much. ๐Ÿ’œ xx

  2. A new dawn, a rebirth of a day. Just so serene. Sleep evaded me the other day because I was sick and my mind was busy composing book reviews, a note to Colin etc.
    You create beautiful words even when you are most exhausted and those words are just so apt. A new day is what we make of it. I need to remind myself of that every single day.

    • I smile wide when I read your note to Colin! Sorry that you were sick though lovely ๐Ÿ˜ž I need to take my own advice from my writing as I have a tendency not too ๐Ÿ˜ž thank you so much darling for your kindness once again. xxx

  3. Timely reminder – that each day is a new beginning, which can usually be better than the last, even if it is just through thinking differently about our struggles…

    Beautifully written, Jenny, my favorite part being;

    I could have written of the darkness
    as I saw it
    in so many hours past
    digital click to warn me of the
    minutes passing by
    of life

    Every moment is precious.

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