devil in waiting – prose

you seduce me
beyond the door
your voice
I pace~ step back and forth
enter at own risk
the sign on the front gate

will you bite

you the libertine
words amplified into hearts
of girls who blush and giggle
but I take you otherwise
you beckoned me

come hither

I walked the stairs
door 666
have I misjudged
your dominance overwhelms
I battle to withdraw

you weaved your web

the spider waiting for its prey
you call my name~ mesmerised
open the door you said
seductive tone
don’t be afraid
I will not bite

unless you want me to

26 thoughts on “devil in waiting – prose

  1. Oh, chilling and delicious, and I love that last line: “unless you want me to”
    I like the form too, with the lines to the left, giving them emphasis.

    • Nelson welcome back – I had wondered where you had disappeared to. Alaskan cruise? How wonderful and yes you must do a post or two – would love to hear. Glad you haven’t left the fold! πŸ™‚

  2. Thrills down my spine, sensual, you know all you have to do is compose and I am off thinking of a story or um, Twilight … Have no idea why that came to mind. I’m not inclined towards vampires. But I think it is that palpable feeling of being seduced slowly by a voice, by a sweet scent. It is hot and scary at the same time. You are so good my lovely, I’m not just saying it… You really make me see.

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