Visits in the dark Visdare-6-emerging


150 words – or less.
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Some of you will love this, others of you not so much – but really. There’s so much scope for imagination here. I’ve already got something like this in one of my WIPs – but what about you? Who is this lady, where is she going, what is she leaving?

Visits in the dark I am painted lips dark illuminated by the glow of the lamp that I hold I visit when you slumber, step through frame to another time, a time when we were one I’m the ghost of your past the girl that you once loved I wear these clothes and gloves for you reminiscent of another era when I thought our love was true I step into your world watch you yet I retreat with haste for the lamp is only a guide for my footsteps Not a guide back to your heart, I return to my place through the passage of time the light being my saviour, my guide to find who I am without you

8 thoughts on “Visits in the dark Visdare-6-emerging

  1. I gave a longer reply to you in the comments of my blog (including the link issue), but in a nutshell: This is GORGEOUS. So much about this poem to love here. Great imagery and lyrical wording.

    So sorry about my tardy response – I usually respond to VisDares much faster but I have been out of state for several days. Hope to see more of you in future VisDares!!

    • Hello and thank you – I cannot locate where your reply is though 😦 Point me in the right direction?
      I thank you so much for your visit and comments (tardy or not) I hope to return I love challenges and prompts – thank you again. 🙂

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