Playing in the dirt

I grind infinite pebbles into dust between
My fingers and make dirt roads that end in
Mountains with my feet, we sit close, knees
Bent, words between us glued to the roof of
Our mouths

Conversation forsaken in favour of watching
Grass blades before us dance to the twilight winds
Perhaps our speech is lost amongst them
On this what would ordinarily have been another
Summers night

You are leaving, the line ‘it isn’t you, it’s me’
Stumbled from your lips only moments ago, yet
It seems a lifetime, for my heart pounds as from
From a marathon, than a casual stroll around
The park

Yet here we sit in silence, not knowing should
We hug, have that final kiss, part as friends
Wishing ‘we’ had worked a little harder, thinking
That we did and words seem superfluous, as does the
Thought of friendship

The warm winds increase separating the grass
The pebbles between my fingers continue to fall
Neither are seemingly as one anymore
As if unglued, but then again that’s how
They always were



Copyright JMTacken 31.8.2014

we disappeared


right hip swung out, be/tween stove and stainless sink
she wipes the tear that rides her bottom eye-lash navigating her jaw line
perhaps the onions/perhaps not, rut cycle, clothes in the machine begin theirs
the timer shrills, oven is hot, grabs the carcass (poor thing) wishes she was vegetarian
hot meal on table by six thirty daily/routine never changes,longing for summer rays, salads, she casts her mind to crisp lettuce leaves grown from earth/not a pulse or breathing to be sliced and diced – door opens/wipes her hands, checks the clock, takes a breath/puts on the smile, footsteps, briefcase slammed down/hi-hi/bedroom,change of clothes/another ritual, same old same old, how was your day, asked if she cares – she really doesn’t any longer, swearing/footsteps/how was your… that incompetent Frank/her eyes glaze, for a moment her mind retraces the yesterday’s, the kisses/ her face cupped within his hands, compliments – both said it wouldn’t happen/both promised, but it appeared before either knew/took the time to change/stop the process of the spiral, oven hot/she remembers when his leg locked around hers/dipped her – tango style and told her she was

©jmtacken Jan 2014

For Sam’s ‘last post’ at  we were asked to write a prose poem, my attempt with a nudge and a poke from the fab B.Miller.

Such a fool you are (Prose – Part 1)


throw it my way
the curve ball ~ the unexpected
uncertainty as it leaves your hand
unsure which direction it will take
precariously balanced as if chance governs
a number on the dice rolled across the green
will luck come my way, or do you feel the
lucky one

yet the numbers will not seal your fate
my mouth will
you haven’t heard my phone calls
hand covering the receiver with whispers
that aren’t heard, oblivious to my late night yoga
hell ~ all the classes were running late
how misled are you

so give it your best shot, I itch for the
moment you release me
so I can give you details that shall
make your blood run cold

©jmtacken 19/11/2013

PS – If anyone can tell me how to get the bottom right hand photo of my mug off – please do – I didn’t expect to have this 2nd one pop up!!

Is it you or an illusion (Prose)


does my mind play tricks on me
a magician who waves the wand
across the top hat for a rabbit to appear
have you returned to fill the lacuna in my life
the missing piece ~ the closure
You, who I relied upon, who sated my desires
the figure beneath the ghostly sheet that walks
the passage-ways of my dreams

is my love for you not finished
I see you walk along concrete streets
out of doorways ~ I hear the bell
that peals your existence
my mind sees you, two steps in front of me
back turned distancing yourself
I call, but have no answer
is this your sign to move on, relinquish
what I feel

to someone that I loved
yet you are creeping back,  inch by inch
to present day, disrupting the life that I
had to make, a decision not of mine
to forget what was ours, I can’t extinguish
the love we had, unrealistically so to ask
and my question is ~ should you not let me be
so that I move on

I shall answer ~ a finger placed upon your
lips, I cannot, not for now in this moment
I feel you next to me, a hand held
a whispering kiss
the passions of the night, the laughter
in the days, the wine against the sunsets
you are not real ~ you have disappeared
and I walk the concrete streets alone
holding you in my heart
cradling you in my arms

©jmtacken Sept 2013

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Five Sentence Fiction Challenge Empty

What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

This week: EMPTY

like the vase that holds no flowers
the bottle of scotch in the bin
the photo frame that held the happy picture
the photo I tore away, that was encased in wood

A nothingness remains…’empty’ like the tree stripped of its leaves


For Five Sentence Fiction


Visits in the dark Visdare-6-emerging


150 words – or less.
Post entry to your blog and “link in” using the link tool below.
Some of you will love this, others of you not so much – but really. There’s so much scope for imagination here. I’ve already got something like this in one of my WIPs – but what about you? Who is this lady, where is she going, what is she leaving?

Visits in the dark I am painted lips dark illuminated by the glow of the lamp that I hold I visit when you slumber, step through frame to another time, a time when we were one I’m the ghost of your past the girl that you once loved I wear these clothes and gloves for you reminiscent of another era when I thought our love was true I step into your world watch you yet I retreat with haste for the lamp is only a guide for my footsteps Not a guide back to your heart, I return to my place through the passage of time the light being my saviour, my guide to find who I am without you

Time to say goodbye

in darkness

eye-lids heavy
senses not

but I see you
at the end of
my bed

wake my body
wake my mind
am I dreaming

I will not

you are here
we do have
the day

have you really
been taken
from me

your silhouette
before me


I am not

I smile
whispery tears
from my eyes
and touch my cheeks

has life been
so cruel
to take you away
to leave me

have you gone?

you gaze
upon me


reaching out

if I rise
come to you
will my body
into yours

I want to reach out
touch my finger tips
to yours once more

where shall
you take me

are you asking
me to be with you
for eternity

to be cradled
in your arms
as before

I shall
join your
shadow in the
of early morn

my stomach knots
I do not fight

your strength is
I need

make contact
let me feel
your touch

my life is
nothing without

I will join you
I shall melt
into the image
I see before me

I shall once more
hear your voice
feel your soft breath
my brow

I will join you
don’t fade
wait for me