Fortitude – Haiku Heights

Haiku Heights # 214

The topic this week is FORTITUDE Haiku to be a maximum of 17 syllables. Suggested by Jayanth.


Fortis, hold head high
Battles won but also lost
Spirit broken… life

I thought this prompt quite fitting considering my situation.


28 thoughts on “Fortitude – Haiku Heights

  1. Hi “J.M”
    I find it quite interesting considering you current situation that the new Haiku prompt is FORTITUDE. Keeping this in mind and the message I sent you when you told us about your misfortunate. I’d like to dedicate the following Haiku to you.

    Fortitude is gone.
    My job has been lost for now
    Can only go up.

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  3. I’m sorry I have been following your posts on Trifecta and HH for the last little while but I somehow missed whatever your situations is. I do ten to skim all the intros and just read the poetry and prose. Whatever it is, by reading the comments there’s lots of people puling for you and you can add me to that list as well. And I loved the 5-7-5 by the way.

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