Holiday Pics Daintree,Mossman Gorge,Cairns,Port Douglas,Green Island..etc etc

Seriously though I am tired, possibly one would say ‘over-tired’ as it’s now 1:10am erm Tuesday morning.

We arrived back in Melbourne at 4.30 ish. I have been awake since 6:30am.  We arrived in Melbourne, me in a skirt and t-shirt (had to show that I had a tan and that yes I’d been up North) to all the people that I did not know at the Airport… but luckily I had the foresight to pack the jeans (and bogan uggs) as Melbourne’s weather hadn’t changed…still winter, still bleak and miserable. Mr. S is snoring peacefully.

BUT fear not I am now able to share some of my holiday snaps (just a few as there are many) I shall post some more tomorrow ..lucky you!   Oh, you may have to double click to enlarge as they came out rather small.

This was the view from our balcony.. say awwww

These were the cows(Brahman)that came down to drink along the Daintree river..Mr. Crocodile was around the bend

If you look real close… the brown thing in the water (to the right) is Mr. Crocodile

This is me holding up a very large rock in Mossman Gorge..yes I’m strong

Mossman Gorge yet again..think I’ll get this one blown up

A Bush Turkey I secretly followed.. he didn’t know

Where we stayed – yes it’s lovely

One of the butterflies in the sanctuary we visited

oops and another

in the markets at Kuranda.. Aussie sense of humour

through the glass bottomed boat out from Green Island

and again

how the rich and famous live in Cairns ( Mr. S and I put a deposit down for the boat) the helicopter is extra

Day 1 moi standing on a coconut…that’s what you do with them isn’t it? This was an early morning walk hence the outfit.

Mr. S with his gourmet lunch of egg and bacon sandwich at Daintree Village (doesn’t he looked thrilled at having another photo taken)

huggin’ a tree at Mossman’s what you do (and no I don’t normally hug trees)

rainforest looking up in the Daintree forest

Okay yippeda yippeda that’s all folks…till later


from warmth to ends

blah grey..maybe if I shut my eyes
squint my face, turn three circles
the sun will shine again
..nope that didn’t work

blah rain…maybe if close one eye
twist my mouth to the right side
tilt my head towards the ceiling light
the sun will….
nope no joy there

blah undomestic bliss returns
…maybe if I grab the doona
shuffle my whole self underneath
it will disappear…
nope you guessed it
that didn’t work either

blah…the time when you
come home, unpack
put a load of washing
on, hang it up on horses (not real ones)
that would just be stupid

watch telly, look at each other, both
say “can we go back?” we know
we can’t, switch the station
YAY …. cricket…no not YAY at all
and daughter’s on my MAC
right where’s my IPad

The let down, the exhilaration of being away, having a holiday, viewing the world in a different light…only to return to the same furniture, the dishes not put away (thanks daughter #2) and the ..well the same ol shite. Ho hum holidays so good in one respect, so nasty in another. We left at 27deg C we returned to 100km winds, rain and Eskimo temperatures.
What more can I say (and yes the poor dog next door which belongs to the couples daughter and they have been minding him all winter) is outside on concrete and cries….that is stressing me more than being back.

after the day – prose from Port Douglas

no unsettling macabre tales
as deep within these grey cells
lies beauty – a captured picture
not through a lens
but taken through my eyes

gone the wintry blustery grey
the dark as dungeons, the shutters
of my eyes the camera holding
what I see and feel and smell

for it’s me that takes the candid
shots, though years may travel on
if I never see the photo printed –
in my mind I’ll see it clear, I’ll
remember what it looked like what
was captured here


Calling it a night though only 8:30pm…must be all the fresh air 🙂 We had a lovely tea. Pasta Carbonara for Mr. S and I have a yummy Surf and Turf (thick med-rare steak with garlic cream sauce topped with king prawns, salad and chips) oh and a Mojito …can I tell you how lovely that was… 🙂 So it’s over and out from me for another night (and here I was thinking I wouldn’t blog whilst away…yeah right Mumsy) I figure if I do this daily I won’t have so much to catch up on when I get back. 🙂 xx

just a wee ramble from Port Douglas

Yesterday, seems already a life time ago. That’s the beauty of vacationing, if you get your mind to relax quick enough and you are in the most perfect spot, time just flows slowly, which is a good thing. Though when Sunday rolls around I am sure I will plant my feet firmly on the ground and tell Mr. S. I’m not budging, that I do not wish to return to freezing Melbourne. On the Sunday night we awoke often, in anticipation of actually having to get up and be out of the house by 6am to get to the Airport.

When it was time to rise and shine (not that there was any shine on Melbourne winter morning) we were already tired. Leaving home in the bitter dark morning, both dressed in jeans and t-shirts with a jacket to peel off on our arrival. I even kept my Ugg slippers on (which look like boots under my jeans – so not too bogan) till we disembarked at Cairns Airport. Shuttle bus to get to the hire car with the lady driver of the bus talking to her office on her mobile (not hands free).. oh well we have all been guilty of that. We then drove to some shops to get some supplies, nibblies oh and did I mention wiineeeee? We got wine (I got wine) in fact Tuesday morning now 10:17am and I am having a glass on the balcony. Mybad.

So yesterday was driving, taking in the views and crashing at 8:30 pm exhausted.

This morning up at 7.30 and walked along the beach, gazing across the still blue water, the palm trees along the sand and the coconuts. Watching a hawk circle, saying good morning to all the fit people out doing their walk or jog. It was grand (as Katie would say)

Mr. S has now gone next door (yes literally) to play a round of golf on the most beautiful course (even I was tempted) but I am excited as I have spoken to a lady over many years on the computer (we use to play Literati) scrabble on line. She and her daughter live close, so in 10 minutes time they will be here and we shall meet for the first time.

It is now 5:44pm, I met T and her daughter T who are amazing and beautiful people (I do not say this as I know she reads my blogs) I say this because it was comfortable meeting with them, like she and I had known each other physically and not just virtually over the last 12 years. I love life when a conversation can just fall into place so easily, when you are so comfortable with a person, there are no inhibitions with what you say or how you say it.

The relationship these two women have is adoring and remarkable to witness. It left me warm and fuzzy seeing the way they interacted with each other. It was a very enjoyable couple of hours and I am sure I could have chatted with them all day, but they sadly felt guilty that they were taking up holiday time. 😦 So thank you T & T for driving up? down? to see me, I so loved your visit) and you are both so gorgeous.

After they left Mr.S and I drove into Port Douglas ‘township’ how pretty it is, very much like the streets in beachside Melbourne, but far prettier due to the foliage. I will post photos when I get back..I promise.

So before I bore everyone, Mr. S and I are going to get ready to go out for dinner now 🙂 I may write again tonight, if the mood takes me, or I may just fall asleep again!

Ciao from Port Douglas everyone!

and so the joy of Port Douglas

waterfall..rain not from the sky
cascading down the mossy rocks
swirling eddy ..darkness falls
peacefulness a shooshing sound

insects hide in variegated fronds
calling out into the night
I smell the scent of meats
cooking on the BBQ swept up in the
aroma of frangipanis

and the night is otherwise still
the odd car on the highway far in
the distance, brushes past the road
air warm like an opened oven door
smells as sweet as hot cooked cake

this is paradise silhouette of palm trees
standing still; their backdrop
a darkened night illuminated
by twinkling stars; in the distance
a bird calls that’s yet to sleep

beautiful, tropical, blue waters to be
explored, forests over one hundred million
years old, this is where love is, this is
paradise in our dreams; I sit on the
balcony absorbing..drawing it in like
the breath I breathe

Wasn’t long before I wrote it seems…can’t help myself, this place calls to be written!

550th Post – This will excite you beyond your wildest dreams!!!

No… no it won’t,  I’m fibbing.

However it is exciting Mr. S and I as we shall be here as of tomorrow afternoon –

Then after 4 days we shall be here   can’t grab a photo unfortunately.

I need warmth, I long for warmth – I have to have warmth – here it shall be warm.

I shall be taking my IPad so my writing won’t be as manic as it has been of late, but I shall still post now and then I need to use my new toy. As I relax poolside while Mr. S is playing Golf, sipping a cocktail or three, I promise to think of you…no I will…honest..

So you see – it’s a win win all round,  I get the warmth and a holiday and you also get a holiday from me not cramming your inbox up for 7 days!!  Whoot Whoot for that!

I shall try and read what I can before I close my eyes tonight – but now I’m off too pack (summer clothes) as we leave at 6am …and I’m just a wee bit excited about the whole damn thing.

Take Care all, keep writing.

Love to you all




K – daughter #2 is still on top of the leader board. I wish to thank those who have already donated to this worthy cause.

Please forgive me, but I shall post the links on each posts for those that would still like to contribute.

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